Order Life Cycle and Statuses

Order Life Cycle

Phase 1: Request for a quote.

Customer creates a request for a quote or posts a project.

A posted project is not tied to a specific service or Pro. A request for a quote, on the contrary, is tied to a specific service of a specific Pro.

Phase 2: Quote.

When a Pro responds to the request for a quote, they create a quote. Quotes may contain edits from the Pro.

Phase 3: Order.

When a customer accepts and pays for a Pro’s quote, the quote becomes an order.

Each type has a status.



Active (Request for a quote, Quote)

When a request for a quote or a quote is created, they have Active status.


Accepted (Order)

When the customer pays for the quote, it becomes an order  and gains Accepted status.


In Progress (Order)

When a Pro starts the order.


Delivery Submitted (Order)

When a Pro submits a delivery to a customer.


Revision Requested (Order)

When a customer rejects a delivery and asks for a revision.


Completed (Order)

When a customer accepts a delivery. Final status.


Canceled (Order, Request for a Quote, Quote)

When a customer cancels a request for a quote.

When a Pro cancels a quote.

When one of the parties uses a Cancel order request to request a cancelation, and the other party accepts this request.


Declined (Quote)

Indicates that a quote has been declined by a customer.


Closed (Request for a Quote)

This is a system status that marks the request for a quotes for which the quotes were accepted.


Expired (Request for a Quote, Quote)

This status indicates that the start date specified in the request for a quote or quote has passed.


Dispute Opened (Order)

This status indicates that the customer has opened a dispute for this order.


Request Opened (Order)

This status indicates that a order request has been opened by one of the parties for this order.


Disabled (Request for a Quote, Quote)

This status means that a request for a quote or a quote was blocked by the platform because it violates the platform’s rules or contains inappropriate content.


Dispute Resolved (Order)

This status indicates that the order dispute has been resolved.


On Hold (Order)

An order can receive this status if a customer has an issue with their payment method processor (e.g., chargebacks, fraud). If you are a Pro and your order has received this status, contact the customer immediately for more information. Do not continue the order until you determine the details.

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