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How much does an exterminator cost?

Exterminator cost varies according to the type of infestation. However, you can expect to pay the exterminator between $120 to $275.

How do exterminators get rid of mice?

Exterminators get rid of mice using various methods, including traps, poison, and bait.
They catch by setting a trap with bait (usually cheese). When the mouse takes the bait, it triggers the trap and is caught.
They use poison to kill mice. The poison is usually put where the mouse will eat it, such as in a food bowl or behind cabinets. Once ingested, the poison causes the mouse to die.
Bait is another way to get rid of mice. The bait is usually food the mouse likes, such as chocolate or peanut butter. When the mouse eats the bait, it becomes poisoned.

How long does professional pest control last?

Pest control usually lasts from two to three months.

What do professional pest control use?

Professional pest control uses pyrethrin and pyrethroids as main chemicals. However, different traps and baits are also effective when the pests are insects or mice.

What does a pest control specialist do?

Pest control companies employ pest control specialists to exterminate pests in clients' homes. A pest control technician treats homes for pests and vermin to reduce the chances of infestation in the house. They use chemicals, mechanical traps, and other methods to exterminate pests.

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