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Answers to the popular questions.

What does a book editor do?

A book editor is a person who edits books. A good book editor helps writers develop ideas, look for problems in their story, and do other enhancements to make the text better read. They may also help writers build a "platform" or audience before publishing the text to be more successful. Some editors only focus on copy editing or manuscript assessment, but others work on all aspects of publishing, such as designing cover art and making launch publicity efforts.

How to become a book editor?

You can follow these best practices to become a good book writer:
• Pursuing a degree in writing or some language proficiency background will always be the first step.
• Master a demanding skill. For instance, a book editor's mastery of different types of grammar or strong editing skills can be invaluable to a publishing company that needs help smoothing out the writing process.
• Be passionate about what you do and know your way around elements such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
However, you need to have at least two years of experience and an advanced degree from a writing course to become a proficient book editor.

How to find an editor for your book?

You can reach out to an editor on our website. All editors have professional profiles highlighting their services, prices, and experience with various writing genres. You can post a request also here. If they reach out to you for an editing quote request, be sure to let them know your manuscript's title so they can reply with a more tailored price.

How much does a book editor cost?

It depends on the amount of editing you need and your manuscript's length. Typically, a book editor charges the per word rate, depending on how many words are in your manuscript. For a service set by page or per hour, a typical editorial (substantive to developmental) fee starts at around $60-$150, whereas basic editing charges are below $60 per hour.

How to choose an editor for a book?

When choosing an editor for a book, it is crucial to consider the following key points:

• The editor's level of experience and expertise in editing books
• The editor's level of professionalism and customer service
• The editor's rates
• Whether or not the editor is willing to sign a contract that protects the author's rights
• How long the editing process will take

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