About us

Welcome to Crackerjack, the premier online service marketplace platform dedicated to connecting talented freelancers and local businesses with hardworking visionaries across the United States. We pride ourselves on being a freelance marketplace unlike any other, offering an exclusive hyper-local, boutique-style approach to freelancing that helps connect local businesses and freelancers with whoever needs them.

Our mission

Since 2021, our mission has remained steadfast: to help individuals and businesses locate, leverage, and hire skilled freelancers and local businesses right in their own backyard. We believe in the power of doing, the power of the hustle, and the power of rebuilding our economy by supporting local businesses and local freelancers throughout the country.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the freelance marketplace industry and is passionate about supporting local businesses and freelancers throughout the country. We carefully curate our talent pool to ensure that we only work with the most skilled and professional individuals across a wide variety of specialties and skillsets. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

We are proud of our dedication to supporting local businesses and freelancers. We believe that by working together and leveraging modern technology, we can help decrease unemployment, support freelancers and their families, and pave the way towards a thriving economy for generations to come. We have earned the trust of our customers by providing a reputable, secure, and professional platform for sharing talent.

We value transparency and ethical business practices. We are committed to protecting our customers' privacy and personal information. Our platform is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for businesses,freelancers and individuals to work together. We believe in supporting responsible business practices and are proud to be part of a community that is committed to the same values.

Success is not achieved alone. It takes a team of hardworking individuals, dedicated to their craft, to make a difference. At Crackerjack, we believe in supporting each other, working together, and leveraging modern technology to make a positive impact on our economy and our communities.

The Crackerjack Team

Shaping the future together

I had been struggling to find a reliable local business that could meet my needs, and then I discovered Crackerjack. Their platform made it incredibly easy to find talented professionals in my area who could provide the services I needed. Not only did Crackerjack help me find a local business, but it also provided me with the peace of mind of knowing that I was working with a reputable, secure, and professional platform.

Crackerjack customer Rebecca

As a freelancer, I was struggling to find new clients in my area. That's when I discovered Crackerjack, and it completely changed the game for me. The platform made it incredibly easy for me to showcase my skills and connect with potential customers who were looking for services like mine. The process was seamless, and I was able to find new clients quickly and easily.