About Disputes

If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of delivered work and wants to receive a refund, they can open a dispute. The customer is required to provide evidence and specify a refund amount. In this case, the Pro must respond to the dispute and provide evidence and the refund amount (if any).

How to Create a Dispute

Only customers can create a dispute. A dispute can be opened in three cases:

  • Order is late (end date has been passed).
  • If the Pro submitted the delivery, and the customer declined this delivery.
  • One of the parties opened a order request, and the other party rejected this request.

A dispute cannot be opened if:

  • There is a pending order request.
  • There is a pending delivery.

If the above conditions are met, there will be a Submit a Dispute item on the order request page. Complete the form by following the instructions on the screen. Click Submit. Remember to clearly describe the problem and provide reasonable evidence for a fair dispute resolution.

How to Respond to a Dispute

If you are a Pro and the customer has opened a dispute against you, you need to answer the dispute as soon as possible. To respond to the dispute, first go to the page of the order that has the opened dispute. Information about the current order dispute will be above the order history block. If you agree with the customer’s decision and think that the customer is right, accept the customer’s decision by clicking Accept inside the customer’s decision block. If you think that the customer is wrong, then click Provide Evidence. Complete the form by following the instructions on the screen and click Submit.

Dispute Resolution

Participants are given seven days to resolve the dispute. After this period, depending on various conditions, one of two actions will occur:

  • If the Pro did not respond to the dispute, then the dispute will be closed in favor of the customer.
  • If the Pro responded to the dispute and provided their decision, then the dispute will be considered by a specialized employee of the platform.

Note: After the dispute has been resolved, payout (if any) will be initiated in seven days (standard clearance time) and the refund (if any) will be initiated in 24 hours.

Keep in mind that our platform reserves the right to resolve the dispute at its sole discretion based on evidence provided by the parties.

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