Invoices and Credit Notes


An invoice is a very important document that helps you track your order transactions and cancellations. Each invoice provides all the necessary information about your order and can be downloaded from the order page.

Depending on the category and service location, Crackerjack processes order transactions differently.

  • For all remote services, Crackerjack uses prepayment transaction flow, which means the quote must be paid upon acceptance. In this case, invoices are issued upon payment and once issued, they cannot be changed. For this reason, make sure that your billing information is complete and up to date prior to making an order.You cannot change an invoice’s billing information after it is made. A separate invoice is issued to a customer for every payment. For example, if you accepted a quote and paid for an order, but then you decided to upgrade your order, 2 different invoices will be issued - one for each payment. 

To update your billing info, click on the payments tab under your profile settings.

  • If the service is performed locally at the customer’s location or the pro’s location, Crackerjack uses post payment transaction flow. In this case, if a customer hires a pro, the pro works directly with them to figure out all the order details. After the pro completes the order, they can issue an invoice on the order page, so the customer can pay through the platform.

Credit notes

Credit notes give you the ability to cancel out an already issued invoice, either in full or in part. Each credit note has a reference to the original invoice number. 

For remote services, a credit note is issued to the customer when an order is canceled or in the case of disputes.

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