Using Messages

If you are a customer and want to communicate with a Pro, click Send a Message on the Pro profile page. The button is located under the bio in the profile card.

After you start a dialogue with a person, you can write to that person from the dialogue page.

To view your conversations, select Messages in the main menu.

Once on the dialogue page, click on the person you want to write to. If you cannot find the person, try entering their name in the Find a User field. When you click on a person, a dialogue window will open. Start typing your message in an empty field (focused by default). To send a message, click on the airplane icon or press the Enter key.

Reporting Messages

If you received a message that you think violates the rules of the platform or is spam, you can report it. To do this, click on the flag icon next to the message containing the violation. In the window that opens, select the most appropriate reason for the report and click Submit.

Remember, misusing the reporting function can lead to the restriction of your account’s functionality.


When using the message function, remember to be respectful and polite. In no case should you humiliate, threaten, or be abusive. Remember that if a person finds your message abusive, they can report you. If our team confirms the violation, this may lead to a partial blocking of the functionality of your account.

Do not disclose personal or confidential information in conversations (e.g., passwords, SSN, payment details).

Disclosing your contact information for the purpose of contact outside the platform is a violation of the platform’s rules.

For your security, do not click on links found in messages you receive in your inbox.

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