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Starting in 2006, Kim has established a full-time studio and became a prominent music instructor. Her students have achieved remarkable success in modern music and various domains of the entertainment industry. Kim dedicates herself to guiding aspiring artists, helping them overcome practical and mental challenges in their arts career. Despite her students being awarded Grammy's, Kim takes pride in teaching individuals to sing and appreciate music, considering it her greatest professional triumph.

Kim's enthusiasm for music began in her childhood, growing up in a family of musicians. She has been performing since the young age of 8 and after completing high school, attained a full scholarship to Weber State University. With over 20 years of professional experience in musical theater and operatic performances, Kim's vocal training was largely influenced by Jennifer Welch-Babidge and Thomas Harper. Kim currently performs on various stages across the United States.

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88 reviews

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Rachel S.
As an instructor, Kim is highly patient and meticulous. She collaborates with you on your current level and focuses on enhancing the areas you wish to develop.
March 8, 2023
Joshua T.
Having voice lessons with her was an incredible experience. Her kindness and attentiveness were remarkable, ensuring that I comprehend the intricate technical aspects of my voice. During my lessons, she provided me with a solid foundation, and I relished every instant of it.
January 31, 2023
Lauren D.
Thanks to Kim, I have been bestowed with an exceptional experience that commenced with learning to control my breathing and engaging in primary vocal exercises that remarkably work. Her scrupulous attention to detail ensures that the exercises are performed accurately and proficiently, while also focusing on your pace and enhancing your vocal abilities. Kim is affable, and during the ten sessions that I have undergone, I have acquired extensive knowledge in vocal and ear training, basic piano techniques, and even songwriting. Her years of experience in vocal coaching are evident in the progress I have made so far, and I look forward to witnessing my further development in the next year or two. I highly recommend Kim and will undoubtedly refer her to others. Five stars for sure!
August 17, 2022
Emily S.
An absolutely phenomenal instructor who has tremendously bolstered my confidence in singing and set me on the right path towards achieving my goals! I highly recommend her. Kim's expertise is truly unmatched.
April 20, 2022
Anthony L.
My lessons were tailored to my goals and accommodated my skills, which proved inspiring and insightful. I found her very flexible with scheduling and appreciated her thorough explanations of vocal training concepts.
January 19, 2022