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I am Yasmin, a professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Modification Specialist with certification from the Starmark Academy. Additionally, I am also certified as a Narcotics Detector Dog Handler and Canine Search Specialist, having undergone training through IPWDA and FEMA for Wilderness and Urban Search & Rescue. I participate in competitive events such as IPG and Mondioring. My expertise lies in obedience training, addressing behavior issues, and conducting scent detection Nosework. Being fluent in both English and German has allowed me to acquire varied knowledge and stay updated in the field of canine science.

To me, the most fulfilling aspect of my job is witnessing the strong bond and teamwork develop between pet owners and their dogs.

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David G.
Team Yasmin was exceptional in their professionalism and knowledge. They provided me with the necessary training to train my two dogs. One of my dogs was aggressive towards other dogs and difficult to walk in the neighborhood. Yasmin started with the basics, teaching my dogs to go to their designated "spot" and stay put despite distractions like a knock on the door. At first, I was skeptical about the food reward but it turned out to be a great incentive, as it was the dogs' dinner that they earned during training. Yasmin taught me to command my dogs to walk beside me, sit, wait, lie down, and focus on me instead of distractions. Though it was challenging, it was a valuable experience and I aim to stay consistent with the training to ensure its long-term success.
March 28, 2023
Matthew R.
Yasmin worked with our 18-month-old miniature schnauzer, Duke, for three weeks of boarding and training. Prior to the training, Duke displayed fear-based aggression towards both people and dogs. However, upon returning home, Duke had successfully learned eight different commands and had gained confidence in public settings around unfamiliar people. We highly recommend Yasmin to anyone in need of help with a dog that exhibits aggressive or disruptive behaviors, such as excessive barking, lunging, and leash pulling. Yasmin's training methods, pricing, and professional knowledge are all top-notch. Thank you, Yasmin, for helping our fur baby become a well-behaved canine companion.
March 8, 2023
Danielle R.
Our family greatly benefited from Yasmin's training classes as we learned the proper way to raise our pup. Previously, I was hesitant to leave our hyper dog alone with the kids but now, even my 11 year old confidently trains her. Though our doodle still requires some improvement, her self-control has greatly improved. I regret not taking these classes earlier. Thank you, Yasmin!
February 24, 2023
Brittany B.
We couldn't be happier. Although we didn't have high expectations for Maddiii's complete training in just 6 sessions, seeing the remarkable transformation she has undergone in the first 5 sessions fills us with gratitude. She has become a much better dog in every way possible.
January 1, 2023
Michael A.
Our poodle received the training session from Yasmin at our residence. Yasmin's comprehension of dog psychology and exceptional training abilities truly impressed us. She comes highly recommended by us!
December 3, 2022