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Superba Vox is a distinguished online Music academy that provides affordable and personalized virtual music lessons to people of any age and skill level. Our team of proficient teachers are experts in their respective fields and are here to support you!

Superba Vox’s virtual “Music Academy” is your ultimate destination for all types of remote music lessons ranging from private online singing, piano, guitar, bass, opera, musical theatre and many more. Take a closer look at all the options available to you in our virtual music academy.

Superba Vox is dedicated to offering accessible remote-learning programs led by an exclusive group of knowledgeable teachers with abundant expertise in teaching and real-world experiences. Our academy provides one-on-one exquisitely online lessons and full-length courses that foster focused learning and individualized attention from the teacher, promoting comprehensive and holistic progress.


We understand that life can be hectic and demanding, which is why we offer online classes with flexible schedules, enabling you to learn at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

We believe in creating diverse learning opportunities, which is why we offer online courses for students of every level, from anywhere around the globe.

We believe education should be affordable and accessible to everyone, which is why we provide a low-cost alternative to traditional learning without compromising on the quality of teaching.

Our students are the core of our focus, and we work towards providing the best learning opportunities for them, with passionate and caring teachers who are committed to student success.

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Justin T.
For some time now, I have been enrolled in singing classes with Jake at Vox. Learning from him is both comfortable and enjoyable as he is a friendly instructor. His comprehension of voice modulation is profound, and he takes the time to comprehend each student's learning needs. Recently, my husband noticed a significant improvement in my singing after just a few weeks of classes with Jake. The academy displays flexibility in setting class schedules and is quick to address any concerns. I would highly recommend Vox to anyone seeking to learn or improve their singing.
October 7, 2022
Andrew J.
Every day, my son is enjoying his lessons and making progress!
August 25, 2022
Michael A.
Allie, the instructor of my ten-year-old daughter, has been amazing. Her valuable feedback has significantly improved my daughter's singing skills. The best part is that it's all done virtually, which saves us money on gas and eliminates the rush to get there.
June 30, 2022
Kyle M.
My daughter is doing fantastic in her music lessons. Her teacher is a joy and absolutely fantastic! It's truly amazing to hear her work with my daughter and guide her through the early stages of reading sheet music.
May 16, 2022
Rachel S.
My experience with Superba Vox Online Music Academy has been nothing short of amazing! The lessons are the highlight of my week and Christina C.'s distinctive approach to voice coaching has given me the belief and confidence to succeed in the industry. I strongly recommend Superba to anyone interested in voice-over lessons!
April 9, 2022