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DFW Driving Lessons has successfully trained hundreds of students to become safe and defensive drivers since 2016. For those opting for parent-taught training, completion of a 30-hour parent log is required. However, our experience shows that accident-prevention rates can be improved by 12%-52% within the first 90 days with 50+ hours of professional instruction. Just six hours of professional training can lead to significant benefits and peace of mind for both students and parents. Our certified instructors, who have received professional race-car-academy training, offer an accelerated learning experience that boosts confidence and reduces anxiety. Limited space available, so book your lesson today.

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Christopher C.
After a few driving lessons with Cole, I have become a more self-assured driver. Despite my many errors on the road, he remained patient and taught me strategies to prevent them in the future. Without a doubt, among all the driving instructors I've had before, he is the most exceptional, and I recommend his lessons to anyone with minimal or no driving expertise.
April 12, 2023
Amanda G.
Coach Cole is an epitome of professionalism and exceptional expertise. With commendable patience and unwavering support, he elaborates on the essentialities of driving. I strongly endorse him.
March 5, 2023
Emily M.
There is no better driving instructor than Coach Cole! With his exceptional knowledge and thoroughness, he taught our teen daughter far more than we could have alone. Additionally, he is incredibly kind, outgoing, and professional. Choosing him to teach our teenager to drive was the greatest decision we've made! 😊😊❤️
February 28, 2023
Ryan W.
Coach Cole is an exceptionally professional and patient instructor. I am delighted to have found him and after just one lesson, I felt at ease and more self-assured behind the wheel. I strongly recommend him!
December 2, 2022
Sarah R.
With his wealth of experience, he is a specialist in this field. Prior to my driver's exam in Texas, I received a driving tutorial from him, which helped me to eliminate some of my ingrained driving practices from India. His ability to identify your mistakes is incredible, and he is adept at resolving them promptly. His work is characterized by professionalism, punctuality, and ethical standards.
April 24, 2022