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My work is more than just a job, it's my true passion. Tuning pianos brings me joy because I genuinely love it. Standard tuning costs $200 but the best part is, the price will remain the same if you get your piano tuned at least once a year. You'll be able to enjoy this price for your whole life as long as I'm the one tuning your piano annually. I'm happy to tune Player Pianos; however, I do not provide servicing for player mechanisms.

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Spinet, Upright, Baby grand, Concert grand

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Heather A.
It brought me great pleasure to have Pianomansaint Piano Tuning in my household. He skillfully restored my 122-year-old piano, making it sound magnificent once more. His professionalism and passion for his craft were evident in his work, and I will certainly be booking him again in the future!
January 18, 2023
Danielle P.
Our piano had been virtually unplayable for over two years due to prior damage, and despite several failed attempts by various piano tuners to repair it. However, Saint took on the challenge and was determined to not give up until the issue was resolved. After tirelessly working for hours over the span of two days, Saint successfully brought our piano back to life. We are now thrilled to be able to play and enjoy our beautifully restored piano once again.
April 24, 2022
Rachel W.
Our older model upright piano was in a sorry state with sticky keys, extreme detuning, and no tuning for years. However, he managed to do an excellent job with it. He was punctual and texted me before arriving, providing an exact arrival time. Upon arrival, he was extremely professional. Great job!
December 17, 2021
Megan L.
Our piano was tuned excellently by Saint. He demonstrated immense professionalism, amiability, and technical expertise. From now on, I intend to have him tune our piano annually. I strongly endorse his services.
November 20, 2021
Courtney M.
We had an outstanding experience with the Piano Saint who was amiable, skilled, and highly knowledgeable. He provided top-notch piano tuning services and received a 5-star rating from us. We intend to invite him back annually!
October 10, 2021