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Hello! With over forty-five years of experience as an educational psychologist and former teacher, I have tutored students in math, reading, and writing from grades one to the professoriate level. Throughout my career, I have worked with individuals facing diverse challenges related to learning and mental health. As a skilled learning theorist, I am able to personalize my approach to meet each student's unique strengths and needs. My areas of expertise include mathematics, reading, writing, and statistics. To aid in my instruction, I utilize a range of online resources, including personalized practice sheets that can be emailed directly to my students. As we continue to navigate the pandemic, I am aware of how it has impacted the learning experience for many students, causing setbacks of up to two years. My lifelong mission is to help students of all ages and backgrounds build the confidence they need to achieve their full potential!

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Ashley K.
My son has been under Todd's tutelage since last year. With his immense experience and knowledge, Todd ensures that the lessons are both effective and engaging. We are certainly looking forward to availing of his services once again in the future.
December 12, 2022
Samantha J.
Todd is an exceptional tutor who excels in all aspects. He has an uncanny ability to make math learning an enjoyable and interactive experience. Todd devoted his time to helping my daughter prepare for a crucial statewide exam that gauged her proficiency for entering AP or honors math courses in high school as a freshman. Even though he is not based in Illinois, Todd dedicated himself to researching the exam in order to provide the most effective preparation for my daughter. She is now a sophomore and is poised to complete Calculus while still in high school, all thanks to Todd's invaluable assistance. We are so grateful to Todd!
August 31, 2022
James C.
My daughter's Algebra grade improved from an F to a B and she also experienced a shift from hopelessness to optimism. The math tutor was the only individual who could diagnose why she was unable to understand the subject and worked diligently to address the problem, starting with identifying the root cause. Not only is he dependable, but he is also ethical, truthful, and impartial. As a parent of a child who struggles with mathematics, you understand how it affects their confidence and disposition. This tutor can genuinely make a difference, and you will be grateful to have discovered him.
August 22, 2022
Ryan Y.
Todd has been a great help to my two sons with their Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra classes. He has the ability to explain the material in a way that is easy for kids to understand, and he can adjust the pace of the lessons according to their learning level. Initially, I was unsure about hiring someone who works remotely, but a close friend recommended Todd to me. I am glad we followed his advice, and we plan to continue working with Todd throughout the school year for my son's Geometry class. Todd is a remarkable instructor and a wonderful human being.
August 16, 2022
Ashley A.
When my daughter was in fifth grade, I contacted Mr. Morgan as she was struggling with Math, lacking the necessary attention in class and finding digital learning challenging. Her teacher displayed impatience and failed to provide assistance to students who were struggling. On day one, Mr. Morgan successfully broke the ice with my daughter by finding an interest they both shared and asked her questions. He used a range of strategies, including apps, math tools, and games, and provided similar assignments to those given in school to help her master the subject. Furthermore, he assisted with her homework, helped her with paragraph writing in English, and read her assignments, prompting her to build better sentences while also putting them together to create paragraphs. The results were impressive, as she now excels in advanced Math at school. Mr. Morgan has been a breath of fresh air during these challenging times, and his strategic approaches have stayed with my daughter to this day. I strongly recommend him without any hesitation to anyone seeking academic assistance.
January 23, 2022