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Please note that resume and interview skills are not within my coaching expertise. If you require assistance in those areas, kindly seek the services of a qualified coach. Thank you for understanding.

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Envision yourself as a confident, healthy individual, certain that you are on the right path, fulfilling your purpose.

Imagine waking up every day invigorated and enthusiastic, equipped with the tools and mindset necessary to handle any obstacle with ease.

You may believe this to be unattainable, but with consistent practice, habits, and useful techniques, it is possible to revitalize, rejuvenate, and reprogram yourself to become successful.

By recognizing how your thoughts and actions have shaped you, you can change your behavior and harness the significant potential within yourself.

You can become the best possible version of yourself, transforming your own life as well as those with whom you interact, manage, or lead.

About Me:
Having practiced coaching for 15 years, I am an accomplished coach and a licensed Chinese medicine physician. I can train and coach you in any of the following fields:

● Identify your core values to make career decisions with integrity and clarity.
● Determine your passion and design a plan to attain it.

● Develop routines and rituals that foster success.
● Dedicate even five minutes of daily meditation to bring about dramatic change in your life.

● Examine your thought processes and self-talk.
● Determine why you make poor choices and implement necessary changes.

Stress Management:
● Learn about your body's reaction to stress and discover techniques to relax and rejuvenate.
● Understand how your mind operates and adopt effective methods to manage self-criticism.

● Learn how to communicate effectively and empathetically.
● Learn how to identify and address triggers that incite reactions.

Physical & Mental Health:
● Improve physical wellness by incorporating lifestyle and dietary shifts.
● Combat anxiety and depression by implementing positive habits, using natural remedies and practices like meditation.

● Discovering your true self and purpose.
● Aligning yourself with your sources of motivation and using that passion to feel alive and energized.

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Coaching topic:

Career, Positive habits, Stress management, Relationships, Spirituality

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Emily F.
A few months ago, I came across Jeremy during a difficult period in my life. I was struggling to understand my own identity, regulate my emotions, and tackle personal issues related to my ego. After our initial session, Jeremy shared his 7-day guided crash course on meditation, which has been instrumental in helping me establish a morning routine and serves as a foundation for his coaching approach. Since working with Jeremy, I've gained a greater awareness of my ego and how it influences my thoughts and actions. Rather than reacting impulsively, I've learned how to respond thoughtfully and intentionally. During our weekly sessions, I share my thoughts and experiences with him, and appreciate that he offers unbiased feedback and constructive criticism to help me take ownership of my life. What I appreciate most about Jeremy is that he doesn't simply offer comforting words or superficial support- he challenges me to confront my discomfort and make meaningful changes. His approachable demeanor and non-judgmental attitude make me feel at ease, and I highly recommend giving his free consultation a try. I've been working with him for over 2 months now and am committed to continuing our work together.
March 27, 2023
Jonathan L.
I strongly endorse Jeremy as a coach who has challenged me to step beyond my limits and boosted my self-assurance to seek my happiness in life. He imparts you with the necessary equipment to accomplish your objectives and makes sure you follow through with them. I have absolutely no reservations concerning the sessions I've had with him. I'm truly grateful to Jeremy.
February 6, 2023
Anthony J.
When I reached a point of uncertainty and confusion, I enlisted the help of Jeremy from CrackerJack to guide me towards a more positive direction in life. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic emerged, I lost my job and was no longer able to continue our bi-weekly conversations. I deeply valued Jeremy's profound wisdom and his understanding of the transformative potential of meditation rooted in Eastern traditions. Even though our relationship was just beginning, I already long for our insightful exchanges.
November 18, 2021
Ashley W.
For around a month, I've been collaborating with Jeremy. He's assisted me in pinpointing and carrying out feasible adjustments that I can adopt in my life. This stands out from my past therapy experiences where we only explored concepts but never discovered a concrete method to put them into action. Collaborating with Jeremy has been beneficial, enlightening, and swift.
October 21, 2021
Christopher M.
During a crucial period where I am confronting new professional challenges and striving for accountability to establish a more organized path, Jeremy has been an invaluable help to me. His mindfulness-based approach has revitalized my own efforts to incorporate this into my life. I admire Jeremy's openness to discussing current issues in greater depth and his readiness to scrutinize assumptions.
September 24, 2021