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As a top-tier Technology Consultant, my passion lies in helping people overcome challenging tech issues. Whether it's building or enhancing your online presence, making technology more user-friendly, or fixing devices and servers, I have you covered. My expertise also extends to data recovery, malware/ransomware protection, virus removal, software coding, website design, and marketing, and website hosting. Some of my most notable high-traffic clients include,,, and My approach is direct, hands-on, timely, and thorough, which results in actionable strategies that yield remarkable outcomes. With 20+ years of experience- since my time in the US Marine Corps to starting my company in 2003- I have worked with diverse individuals and businesses, large and small. Working with me guarantees genuine passion, extensive expertise, and noteworthy outcomes.

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89 reviews

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Joshua H.
The IT professional was amazing and extremely knowledgeable. They arrived fully equipped for the job and advised me on all the necessary supplies. They also assisted in setting up everything to ensure the network ran smoothly, resulting in seamless work. I highly recommend this individual for any networking concerns.
April 9, 2023
Stephanie M.
Eric was hired and promptly installed an eero system the very next day. This was incredibly helpful as I had an Airbnb guest who complained about slow network speeds, but Eric was able to resolve the issue quickly and prevent negative feedback. Many thanks to Eric!
February 27, 2023
Brandon W.
If you're fed up with repeatedly contacting ISPs such as Spectrum, Verizon, and AT&T, and feeling like you're not making any progress, there's a solution. I had the pleasure of working with Eric Gillette, who installed my eero home mesh system to perfection. Not only was he highly skilled in the installation, but his expertise in troubleshooting ethernet and internet-related issues left me thoroughly impressed. He took the time to answer all my queries with patience and detail, and his positive attitude made the experience truly enjoyable. Eric is very approachable, making him the ideal person to have a conversation with. For all your networking needs, I highly recommend Eric. His professionalism and outstanding knowledge make him a true expert.
January 13, 2023
Kayla L.
Eric was highly skilled in assisting me with the cloning of my drives. He possessed extensive knowledge and a friendly demeanor regarding the procedures and tools utilized to ensure a successful transfer of everything. Without hesitation, I would enlist his services once more!
October 10, 2022
Christopher G.
The service was exceptional. The staff was incredibly welcoming and well-informed, providing a thorough explanation of everything and efficiently addressing all concerns.
July 7, 2022