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We are happy to announce that Double Tax 100% is available remotely and online, year-round, 24 hours a day, for all your late filer, amendment, and prior tax needs. Our team speaks bilingual Spanish, English, and Creole. Additionally, we are a CAA ITIN authorized establishment.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we use Intuit Link to upload tax documents for remote clients. At Double Tax 100%, we don't just do taxes; we specialize in taxes. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the maximum refund and reduce their tax liability.

We take pride in keeping money in our client's pockets and working double for their money. Our team works diligently to provide worry-free, accurate tax preparation, year after year. We specialize in corporate tax returns, 1040, 1040X, business startup, sunbiz, and EIN.

As an accountant, we also provide payroll, bookkeeping services, and startup business advice. Although we are not a CPA, we continually research and expand our knowledge to better serve our clients. We enjoy providing satisfaction to our clients during the often stressful tax season and always seek to put a smile on their faces.

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Danielle J.
Working with her has been an absolute delight. Despite my budget limitations and lack of proficiency in accounting, she has displayed remarkable patience and provided me with clear explanations. I'm thrilled to have made the decision to work with her and am now a loyal customer for life.
November 12, 2022
Jacob B.
I required urgent paperwork to be completed by an accountant within 24 hours. During a late-night search on CrackerJack, I discovered Karen and contacted her. To my surprise, she responded immediately, boasting of her 24/7 availability. After a series of emails and texts, Karen completed the job by the following morning, exhibiting remarkable speed, professionalism, and understanding - earning her a spot at the top of the chart. I hired her immediately and look forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend her and would have given her more than 5 stars if possible. Thank you!
July 21, 2022
Amanda R.
Karen was instrumental in addressing several historical years across three states, as well as the current year, for us. Her expertise in document production, discussions and conveying implicit details and our goals, followed by ongoing dedication to keeping everything in order and expertly filing, contributed hugely to the rating of the Double Tax Group. We spent years looking for a trustworthy accountant and we were delighted to find Karen and her team, who are knowledgeable and thorough. We highly recommend the Double Tax Group, especially Karen, for anyone's personal or business tax needs. Our excellent experience with them is just a small indication of what they can offer.
May 25, 2022
Elizabeth W.
For 3+ years, my spouse and I have relied on Double Tax 100% Accounting Firm. They consistently provide prompt and supportive service, answering inquiries in a timely fashion.
March 29, 2022
Jessica D.
I didn't expect any response after leaving a message, so it surprised me when Karen said she'd follow up after her meeting. She even gave me a heads up when the meeting was almost over! During our conversation, Karen explained her process in detail and promised to keep me updated as she worked on my documents. Astonishingly, she had completed all four years' worth before the scheduled deadline! Everything was perfectly organized and ready for the IRS's initial acceptance date. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person tax assistance, I highly recommend Double Tax 100% & Accounting Firm, LLC. I plan to continue working with them for a long time.
September 4, 2021