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Dance Design offers dance classes that cater to both adults and kids. Our classes are designed to prepare you for social events, special occasions, weddings, or just to add a healthy hobby to your lifestyle. Learn your First Dance, Parent Dance, Surprise Dances, all Styles of Social Ballroom, Country Dance, Line Dance, Fun Swing, or hot Salsa/Bachata related styles.

We aim to create a fun and friendly atmosphere, where you can achieve your goals, sync your lifestyle with great music, and start each day with a big smile and a sense of satisfaction. :)

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Michael M.
We have intermittently attended Nadiya's classes for a while now. She is an exceptional instructor who is meticulous and displays utmost professionalism. She provides personalized attention by observing and correcting your posture, and offers helpful suggestions. I enthusiastically endorse her as a dance instructor. Each session yields significant learnings and is thoroughly enjoyable.
February 15, 2023
Kayla T.
It's difficult to fully convey just how incredible Nadiya is within the confines of this limited space. My fiancé and I were searching for a dance instructor for our first dance, as I am not particularly skilled in that area. Initially, I was quite apprehensive, but Nadiya's kind and playful teaching approach swiftly put us at ease. Furthermore, she was extremely flexible with our schedule. Thanks to Nadiya's expert instruction, I now feel exceedingly confident about our first dance after only a few sessions. To put it plainly: don't bother with any other reviews. Just hire Nadiya already! You won't be disappointed.
November 14, 2022
James N.
My top recommendation for anyone wanting to learn Salsa dancing would be Nadiya. She possesses a lively and engaging personality, with a great sense of fun and a remarkable level of patience. Nadiya is truly a gem.
November 7, 2022
Megan J.
Nadiya was a godsend for my husband and me as we were looking to learn a dance for an upcoming wedding. Beyond her notable talent, Nadiya's care and attention to detail made all the difference. Her pricing was also quite reasonable, offering a complete choreographed dance. Previously, we had attended a group dance class to learn the West Coast swing, but it left us feeling demoralized and doubtful of our progress. On my recommendation, we opted for private lessons with Nadiya and were blown away by how quickly we picked up the steps. Nadiya's warmth and encouragement also made us feel like we had a supportive friendship going into our big day. Needless to say, our wedding dance was a crowd-pleaser, and we credit Nadiya's skill and guidance. But just as memorable was the weekly lesson routine, which felt like a romantic mini-date. To anyone considering her services, don't hesitate - run to the dance studio and let Nadiya work her magic. Thank you, Nadiya, for everything!
November 3, 2022
Megan R.
Nadiya, the extraordinary instructor, taught us a complete choreography for our wedding song! It was such an incredible experience that I will continue to seek her expertise for my future dance lessons. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a great time dancing!
September 25, 2022