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As the sole GMAT specialist on CrackerJack, my focus is entirely on GMAT preparation. Many who claim to specialize in GMAT actually tutor the SAT or ACT 90% of the time, but I am dedicated to GMAT and have an arsenal of GMAT problems at my disposal, ready to be fired at you during our sessions. Don't make a decision until you've tried me out, and I'm happy to offer a free sample lesson to demonstrate the effectiveness of my proprietary approach, which is unlike any other. With a structured approach to the material and a focus on changing your thought process to become a smarter test taker, you'll find GMAT/GRE questions becoming easier after taking my lessons. Though my rates may be higher than others, my package results in requiring fewer hours to get the job done and ultimately comes out cheaper. Invest in yourself and your future by working with a specialist who has helped over 600 clients, with many gaining acceptance to top 5 MBA programs.

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Samantha J.
I cannot speak highly enough of Dan; he is simply phenomenal! He provided GMAT tutoring services to my daughter, who had initially scored poorly before we found him. However, under his tutelage, her score improved tremendously, and she ultimately achieved a 99 percentile ranking. Dan, you are absolutely amazing! While your fees may be a bit on the higher side, the results were undoubtedly worth it. Thank you very much! :)
November 17, 2022
Courtney R.
Collaborating with Dan was an exceptional encounter. His approach towards elucidating the thought process for reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions was particularly impressive. Standardized test verbal segments had always proven to be challenging for me, including SAT and GRE; however, with Dan's help, my verbal score escalated from 31 on my initial practice exam to an outstanding 44 (98th percentile) on one of my subsequent practice exams. I strongly endorse Dan's services to individuals looking to overcome a performance plateau, as he can effectively guide you towards achieving your desired results.
August 31, 2022
Brandon M.
Dan the GMAT Man is an exceptional tutor who I highly recommend. Despite being out of school for over a decade and lacking confidence in my test-taking abilities, Dan was able to break down the most complex concepts into simple formulas that enabled me to grasp them fully. I never expected to experience the same level of success I did after working with Dan, who proved to be not only incredibly knowledgeable but also supportive, responsive, and accommodating of my schedule. He has an excellent track record of punctuality, and I greatly appreciated how quickly he responded to my questions in between sessions. Dan's encouragement and dedication to not giving up were instrumental in my success. I can't believe how much I learned from him and only wish I had received his assistance earlier. I previously tried other tutors and began to question whether grad school was the right path for me. However, Dan meticulously broke down difficult concepts into manageable pieces, resulting in marked improvement and success on my practice tests. Hiring Dan as your tutor is the best decision you can make to achieve your highest score on the GMAT. He has a natural talent for teaching and a proven track record. I could not recommend him more highly. Thank you, Dan, for all of your support and excellent guidance!
July 27, 2022
Anthony S.
Danny is the perfect person to hire as a GMAT tutor. He is flexible, affable, and highly intelligent. Thanks to Danny, I achieved my current high GMAT score. Initially, I was struggling with the Quant section. Danny's systematic and methodical approach helped me to thoroughly understand the concepts. Though I had reservations about the cost, having a good GMAT score is crucial for admission to a business school. Therefore, I would without reservation, suggest Danny as a tutor.
July 26, 2022
Brittany Y.
I raised my GMAT score from 560-580 (using TTP and E-GMAT) to 740 with the help of Dan! Despite trying various online e-learning platforms, I struggled to respond to the impersonal instruction and made little improvement after 7 months. Fortunately, I decided to seek more personal attention and found Dan who proved to be a game-changer. With Dan's organized and structured plan of attack and personalized assignments in between sessions, my first practice test score jumped to 680. Now, I have an official score of 740, surpassing the median for my target schools. I regret not finding Dan sooner and highly recommend him for others seeking to improve their GMAT scores.
November 1, 2021