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Piano tuning and repair services are offered to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area by CWH Piano Tuning. As a former full-time musician, I gained certification in piano tuning in 2017 and now oversee two apprentices under the CWH Piano Tuning brand. My expertise in music extends beyond tuning, as I hold a Bachelors and Masters degree in the field and teach at the college level. My approach to piano tuning is with an artistic and musical mindset, which sets my work apart from others who take a more mechanical approach. CWH Piano Tuning is a small business, and when you work with us, you support not only myself but also collaborating musicians and our families.
Curtis Hunt
Owner, CWH Piano Tuning

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Spinet, Upright, Baby grand, Concert grand

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197 reviews

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Sarah S.
With integrity, he revealed the age and condition of my piano, and the expenses to tune/repair it, which was likely to surpass its $500 worth. He gave me the choice of tuning it or searching for the digital piano I was eyeing. I appreciate the chance to meet this exceptional individual. His candor and principles are priceless. And, he risked turning me away from him and towards a digital piano. I will inform him of my preference when it is made.
February 7, 2023
Melissa L.
My first tubing session was an amazing experience. The person in charge provided me with all the necessary information, enabling me to make an informed decision. As such, I strongly endorse CHW Piano Tuning.
May 22, 2022
Daniel H.
CWH Piano tuners exceeded my expectations. Their team consisted of friendly and knowledgeable professionals who comprehended the complexities of piano tuning. Their fair pricing further added to my satisfaction. Hank arrived punctually and completed the task promptly while addressing a problem with the keyboard cover. Thanks to their excellent service, I highly recommend them. Well done!
May 12, 2022
Jacob R.
Hank, a consummate professional, arrived punctually, masterfully tuned my piano, and provided a detailed assessment of its current and prospective needs. Despite being met with barks and growls from my two dogs, he exhibited remarkable patience and skillfully soothed them into a calm state.
May 7, 2022
Amanda M.
Hank exhibited a high level of amiability and expertise. He was polite and adeptly addressed my queries about my piano. As a result of his efforts, my piano is now producing excellent sound quality. I am eager to enlist his services again in the future and gladly endorse this piano tuning enterprise!
March 23, 2022