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As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with 20 years of experience, I am dedicated to addressing the root cause of your pet's behavioral issues. I am a proud member of the IAABC, APDT, and PPG organizations and currently pursuing my degree in veterinary behaviorism. Instead of simply eliminating unwanted behaviors, I strive to understand and solve the underlying emotional and cognitive reasons for my clients' reactions. My goal is to help build trusting relationships between you and your pet, resulting in happier and more willing animals. I keep my license up to date by continuing my education through CEU's. My approach involves not only training your dog but also teaching you to prevent future behavioral problems. Specializing in aggression, fear, and reactivity issues, I maintain close relationships with local veterinarians and offer flexible board and training options to fit your busy schedule. Let me come to you and help you and your furry friend lead a better life.

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Daniel P.
After receiving her consultation, we are excited about the training plan she proposed for our dog and eagerly anticipate our upcoming sessions.
February 5, 2023
Danielle W.
When I took in my new dog from the shelter, I was told that he was a one-year-old mix of a flat-coated retriever. However, he was very excitable and didn't behave the way I expected, which is quite common for rescue dogs. I soon realized that Melvin and I would need some professional help. Jodi was the first person to step in and after observing his behavior, informed me that he was a border collie puppy mix based on his actions and teeth. Although I was taken aback at first, I was delighted that Jodi could identify the breed based purely on their interactions. This discovery influenced the way I approached his training. Melvin had traits such as excessive energy and a cheerful personality of a border collie. He even jumped on my glass coffee table, which I initially thought was hopeless to correct, but Jodi showed us a few exercises, and within a day, we had put a stop to that behavior. Melvin also had an aversion to his crate, but Jodi guided us in making it a secure, welcoming area for him. She not only educated us on how to train him with the crate but also where and when to adjust it as he grew. When we found out that Melvin was not the low-key pup that we thought he was, we contemplated rehoming him. Thankfully, Jodi provided guidance to keep us and Melvin safe and happy. She is an expert who understands and adores dogs. Although Melvin and I have completed our training, we continue to trust Jodi with our dog's boarding requirements as we know she's unrivaled. When I leave Melvin with her, it feels like I'm sending him to a summer camp where he will experience plenty of fun and make exciting new friends. He always comes back happy but exhausted, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.
December 11, 2022
Stephanie S.
As a dog trainer, Jodi possesses extensive knowledge, vast experience, and a compassionate approach. She exudes energy and exuberance in imparting positive reinforcement techniques. With excellent responsiveness, working with her is a breeze. We appreciate her practical approach and unflagging patience in coaching us on how to train our bulldog puppy. Notably, Jodi has not only taught us about dog training but also offered guidance on purchasing products and services. After unsuccessful attempts with other dog trainers, Jodi has been a breath of fresh air. We have recommended her to our friends and acquaintances with great enthusiasm. We highly endorse Jodi for her exceptional dog training skills.
July 29, 2022
David B.
Jodi is skilled in her field, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my dog Gwedo's behavior after just one session with her. I have decided to enroll him in her puppy training program and am grateful for her expertise. Thank you, Jodi!
June 12, 2022
Jonathan H.
Working with Jodi has been a phenomenal experience. When we adopted Sugar, a senior dog, we encountered difficulties in housetraining due to her timid nature. Jodi has been a huge help by providing us with in-home training and board and train services. In addition, whenever we are out of town, we entrust Sugar's care to Jodi, whose excellent services we will continue to use. Sugar has grown immensely under Jodi's care, gaining confidence and improving on her housetraining and manners. Jodi's use of positive reinforcement and her exceptional skill with dogs are a testament to her genuine love for them. We are extremely grateful to have found Jodi!
October 22, 2021