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I hold the conviction that dancing is a skill attainable by anyone, regardless of their background. However, people do not absorb information uniformly. Thus, I adopt a methodical approach to instruction, taking into account the learning, kinetic, and developmental styles of my pupils. Besides, I rely on humor as an effective educational tool, so expect a lot of laughter. With over two decades of dancing experience, including competitive ballroom in my younger days, I relish sharing the joy of dancing with others.

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84 reviews

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Brittany K.
Bobby helped my husband and I with choreographing our first dance for our wedding. Initially, we were uncertain if we wanted to go this route, but Bobby's expertise changed our minds completely. We have endless fond memories from dance lessons and our first dance at the wedding, with family and friends still praising it months later. Contacting Bobby in July, which was four months prior to the wedding, proved to be a great decision as he promptly responded with availability and crafted the start of our dance. Bobby was an amazing instructor, instructing us on complicated dance moves that would have seemed impossible to pull off, were it not for his help. We felt like A-listers every lesson, as Bobby had a way of making us relaxed and at ease. In terms of listening to our requests and addressing our concerns, Bobby was exceptional. The memories we have of rehearsing at the studio, at home, and at 5 am on our wedding day will last us a lifetime. Bobby, thank you so much for helping to create the perfect first dance for us!
January 4, 2023
Christopher S.
The energy was superb, accompanied by positive vibes and exceptionally beneficial guidance. The instructor tailored the lesson to match our level, making it a very fruitful experience for my partner and me. I highly recommend this instructor!
November 14, 2022
Jacob H.
Bobby is truly amazing! When my son requested a comical dance routine for the mother and son dance at his wedding, I was apprehensive about improvising, so I decided to enlist Bobby's help. Bobby was very enthusiastic about the song, connected with my son, and came up with numerous steps that we could perform together. As a result, we're now much more confident and well-prepared for the big day. Bobby was a pleasure to work with; he was entertaining, meticulous, and collaborated with both of us to teach us how to convey emotions through our expressions. Moreover, he filmed our rehearsals, so we could practice and enhance our skills between sessions. Bobby is undeniably the ideal investment for anyone who desires to learn how to groove like a pro while having a great time!
September 10, 2022
Melissa J.
Bobby was the choreographer I brought in to plan my bridal dance for the surprise wedding. And I have to say, I'm pretty stoked I did! Bobby perfectly executed the dance style I had in mind, making the sessions both effortless and enjoyable. My bridesmaids and I had a fantastic time all-around and can't wait to show off our performance at the wedding! Highly recommend!! Thank you so much! 💃🏻
August 10, 2022
Jessica H.
Bobby made our date night unforgettable! He is an incredibly talented dance instructor who made us feel at ease while teaching us some new moves. My boyfriend and I had a fantastic time during our private lesson and will definitely be booking with Bobby again in the future. We're excited for our next dance session! 💃
July 6, 2022