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Vocal classes concentrate on Music Symbols, Solfege, note reading, proper diaphragm breathing, diction, vocal warm ups, and building self-assurance when singing.

Piano classes emphasize theory, technique, performance, lessons, classical, popular, and Jazz. We follow the Faber method series.

Acting classes include plot, tension, spectacle, improvisation, language, and character as their central themes.

Life Coaching: Goals, both short and long-term are the primary focus. We help you identify obstacles in your path and provide resources and guidance to move you forward, recognizing your strengths and individual abilities.

Ensure a successful online experience by providing the appropriate internet connection and equipment. Monthly billing applies; view the company policy on the website for details.

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Anthony M.
My piano lessons with Michele Beckle are something I truly adore and eagerly anticipate. As a novice pianist, Michele's patience and flexibility have made a significant difference in my progress. It's no easy feat for someone in their 50s to learn a new talent without a tolerant instructor. Michele, your contributions are immensely valued.
March 6, 2023
Emily P.
Thank you Michelle! My daughter eagerly anticipates her piano lessons and even practices on her own without any reminders from me. She absolutely loves it!
March 4, 2023
Samantha R.
My 9-year-old has just had her first lesson and she is already learning the key details that will be pivotal in her journey towards becoming a skilled pianist. Both my husband and I are thrilled to have discovered the exceptional Beckle Brand Piano.
January 7, 2023
Melissa W.
Although my son has only had a few lessons with Mrs. Beckle, I have already noticed her kindness, patience, and ability to make my son feel at ease. Her professionalism is also commendable and something I greatly appreciate. She is a fantastic teacher and my son thoroughly enjoys his piano lessons with her. Sincerely, Rocio
December 28, 2022
Elizabeth P.
Lady Michelle is an absolute blessing! Her knowledge, attentiveness, and care for both our child and us as parents is simply exceptional. Though I was initially apprehensive about remote piano lessons for our beginner child, Lady Michelle's interaction and teaching abilities have exceeded our expectations. We are truly grateful and thank you so much for all that you do!
March 20, 2022