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With over 500 positive reviews and a successful YouTube channel, I am a highly sought-after tutor for students looking to excel in their education. As someone with 30+ years of experience and the ability to solve every SAT/ACT math question in my head, I can provide results-oriented help for students of all ages. I offer individualized study curriculums based on each student's unique strengths, weaknesses, time constraints, and goals, which is something that many students prefer over big-name, expensive tutoring companies with subpar tutors. My experience allows me to quickly identify student weaknesses and rebuild their foundational knowledge, while also demonstrating helpful mental math techniques to improve test-taking speed. My personal approach to tutoring has earned me many glowing recommendations from satisfied students and parents alike.

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Robert H.
In the 7th grade, my daughter began encountering difficulties in advanced mathematics, which I attributed to her teacher. Seeking a solution to this problem, I enlisted the services of Manny. With just one session per week, he was able to surpass any other teacher she had and enabled her to improve her grades from C's to A's greatly to my surprise. Manny's expertise in mathematics is unmatched, and he is a reliable, professional and adaptable tutor. I will definitely hire his services again when necessary. Thank you, Manny!
March 26, 2023
Brittany G.
I was delighted by his ability to accommodate us promptly. He assisted in boosting my daughter's self-assurance before the exam. I plan on enlisting his aid for the present term and all subsequent math courses my daughter takes.
March 11, 2023
Joshua S.
Manny's tutoring skills in High School Pre-Calc have been superb. He possesses the exceptional talent of simplifying difficult concepts into manageable ones. As a result, my daughter's grades have significantly improved in no time.
December 21, 2022
Samantha M.
Manny is an exceptional tutor with a strong sense of professionalism. In addition to his amiability and adaptability, he possesses a wealth of knowledge that greatly assisted me in grasping difficult subject matter. With merely one session, I was able to comprehend concepts that had been challenging me for a while. I strongly recommend Manny to any student seeking reliable tutoring assistance.
August 30, 2022
Brandon M.
Manny is a top-notch tutor who excels in being concise, adaptive, observant, and creative. With my rusty math skills, Manny impressed me by pinpointing my main struggles and providing an excellent overview of the subject matter, using his vast array of skills and tricks. Learning from Manny is an honor, thanks to his valuable depth of knowledge. To those considering his services, I highly recommend requesting tutoring from Manny as soon as possible.
August 27, 2022