Dracup & Patterson, A Law Corp

4.6 (50)
From Del Mar, CA
SinceOctober, 2021

An attorney is assigned to handle your case, with each of our lawyers boasting a legal experience that ranges from 15 to 38 years. Our extensive experience can serve as your advantage in achieving favorable outcomes for your civil litigation, arbitration, or mediation.
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Service as described 4.6
Communication 4.6
Punctuality 4.6
After reviewing my documents and issues, they let me know if a case was possible or not, something that very few attorneys do without charging a hefty retainer fee. This attorney gives the legal profession a good name. Communication was prompt and efficient. I highly recommend this service and would definitely use it again in the future.
January 1, 2023
The attorney called me back promptly, although they were driving at the time.
September 1, 2022
From start to finish, working with Jeff was a truly enjoyable experience. He was incredibly accommodating and understanding of my specific requests and requirements when it came to drafting a commercial contract. Given the nature of my circumstances, it was crucial for him to exhibit both a strong sense of professionalism and emotional intelligence, which he undoubtedly delivered on. All in all, his work was outstanding.
March 8, 2022
The attorney promptly responded and satisfactorily answered all my inquiries. Despite not having to resort to litigation, the attorney's valuable guidance and counsel helped me terminate my purchase agreement due to various red flags that surfaced.
February 7, 2022
One can easily tell that Jeff is a seasoned litigator, as he grasped my situation in just a few concise inquiries. He awakened me to the realities of litigation, which only ethical veterans in the field can impart. Handling a consumer-facing business model can be a unique kind of nightmare. Luckily, Jeff has consented to assist us in navigating that treacherous terrain, especially with the challenging clients that tend to push people away from operating a business that serves the general public.
January 11, 2022