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SinceJune, 2022

Unleash your inherent potential to revitalize your body, mind, and soul. My objective is to assist you in achieving physical freedom and mental toughness, enhancing your health, and augmenting your vigor.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

- Life and Health Coaching
- Personal Training
- Yoga and Meditation
- Massage Therapy
- Nutritional Guidance

My coaching philosophy centers on enabling you to make positive changes, continually improving your well-being. My aim is to nurture a long-term transformation of your holistic welfare, empowering you to overcome obstacles and reach your objectives.

As a health coach, I endeavor to:

- EMPOWER you to discover your innate wisdom and strength
- ASSIST you in creating your bespoke solutions to challenges
- PROVIDE non-judgmental SUPPORT
- HELP you stick to your GOALS

Are you ready to take a proactive stance towards your physical wellness?

Do you find yourself struggling with feeling stuck, aimless, tired, unwell, or a combination of the above? Well, we know how that feels, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to comprehending and utilizing various approaches to revamping our well-being.

Picture the version of yourself that you aspire to be - what would your life feel like? Change begins with your mindset, which transposes into your daily habits. The power that you require is already within you, and we are here to guide you to overcome any barriers hindering your path to renewed wellness.


As a trainer and yoga instructor, I concentrate on functional motion, proper structure, and alignment. Core strength, stability, and efficient motion are vital to bettering your performance in any activity that you pursue. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, recovering from a physical injury, or merely striving to become more physically active, I can help you achieve your fitness goals.

As a massage therapist, I aid you in restoring postural stability while moving more fluently. I approach therapy in a practical manner by identifying the root cause of pain and not just treating the affected area. With various techniques available, including clinical deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point, PNF stretching, and Shiatsu, we can figure out what suits you best.

Helping others lead healthier, more exultant lives, and avoiding injury is an extremely heartwarming experience.


I am Naushad, and I am passionate about helping you feel more confident and lively in your body. Pursuing sports resulted in life-changing injuries, driving me towards discovering ways to recover and become resilient. Over the last decade, I have improved people's welfare in physiotherapy clinics, gyms, offices, and yoga studios. As a health coach, I aid you in identifying and overcoming any hurdles preventing diet and lifestyle changes. As a coach and therapist blending functional strength, yoga, bodywork, and meditation practices, I enable you to transform both body and mind. I am certified in holistic lifestyle coaching (CHEK Institute), fitness (GMB), corrective exercise (NASM), yoga (RYT-200), and massage therapy (CAMTC).
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Amanda S.
With his extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Naushad is among the finest trainers out there. I participated in training sessions twice a week and was thoroughly pleased with the diversity and difficulty level that Naushad incorporated into each one. He possesses a vast knowledge of training methodologies, injury prevention, and overall physical wellness, as well as the ability to develop an exciting and stimulating exercise routine. Equally as important, Naushad is the epitome of professionalism, ensuring that I executed each exercise correctly and safely, and he consistently arrived on time and prepared with customized training plans. I wholeheartedly recommend Naushad - not only is his passion for his profession unparalleled, but it's contagious and positively influences those around him. Aside from his extensive training expertise, Naushad is incredibly kind and always wears a friendly smile - it was an absolute pleasure working with him.
March 25, 2023
Nicole T.
Our regular trainer was out of town, and Naush filled in for him. Naush was an exceptional trainer who took into account our individual needs and body idiosyncrasies. He was always ready and well-prepared, and his knowledge about injuries was remarkable. Moreover, our sessions with him were delightful as he was a patient and fun person to work out with. Naush’s passion for understanding the intricacies of the human body is palpable, and he consistently strives for self-improvement. We assure you that Naush is a reliable trainer, and you will relish your workout experience with him.
September 23, 2022
Nicole R.
I am incredibly grateful for the assistance provided by Naushad and wholeheartedly agree with the positive reviews I have read about him. Naushad consistently displayed professionalism, punctuality, and a unique blend of confidence and humility. He was discreet and comfortable in his communication, while also possessing an impressive ability to convey positivity in a realistic manner. Naushad always made a concerted effort to tailor his training to suit my specific needs as a 70-year-old who had undergone two back surgeries but still enjoyed hiking. After previously being disappointed by two recommended local therapists, I was elated to have found success with Naushad's training, which helped me increase my strength and was also enjoyable. As Naushad is still young, I recommend taking advantage of his expertise before he, inevitably, becomes head of a successful clinic and doubles his rates!
September 22, 2022