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From San Francisco, CA
SinceJanuary, 2022

As the coach of the San Francisco Seals Swim Team, my inspiration is drawn from my own athletic background and years of experience competing alongside elite and Olympic level athletes. While I uphold traditional rules, I also incorporate some old school traditions into my coaching approach. Additionally, I lead by example and practice what I preach, always striving to improve and develop my skills.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that teaching goes hand in hand with learning. As an instructor, I adapt my teaching style to the needs and personalities of each student. In turn, I encourage my students to become teachers themselves, as this is the most effective way to master techniques through muscle memory and mindful repetition, ultimately making it a natural reflex.
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Christopher W.
My swim teacher, Veronique, was absolutely fantastic. As an adult beginner, she assisted me in overcoming my fear of the water and gradually taught me the art of swimming, beginning with the backstroke. Although I have yet to finish my training, I eagerly anticipate continuing with her in the future. Without a doubt, I recommend her services to others.
September 30, 2022
James G.
Our five-year-old son and his friend have received swim lessons from Veronique, resulting in significant improvement in their swimming abilities. We highly endorse her as a swim instructor.
September 20, 2022
Megan C.
I have recently commenced a package of ten sessions with Veronique, with only two classes completed thus far. I'm over the moon to have crossed paths with her! Despite my knowledge of the basics of swimming, I was aware that there was significant scope for improving my technique, and Veronique has proved to be the perfect person to help me with achieving this goal. Her classes are divided into two parts: 1) exercises off the water that focus on strengthening and breathing in areas relevant to swimming - including calves, legs, abs, forearms, and triceps, and 2) unique exercises in the water that teach valuable techniques for improving form. I feel like I've already gained a wealth of knowledge that I can apply to my daily practice, so I'm eagerly anticipating my next lessons and further rapid improvements!
August 9, 2022
James S.
Veronique is an exceptional coach who exhibits remarkable patience and encouragement towards her students. Her attention to detail is impeccable, as she meticulously explains the purpose of each stroke in the water. I particularly appreciate her incorporation of yoga into the warm-up routine, as it proves to be extremely beneficial before a swimming session. With her lively and effective teaching style, Veronique makes every class enjoyable yet challenging. I am fortunate to have her as my coach.
June 3, 2022
Rachel R.
This swimming instructor is extremely attentive to details and exhibits a great deal of patience.
March 8, 2022