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SinceSeptember, 2021

If you are interested in virtual music lessons or audio engineering services, please feel free to check out my profile. However, I kindly ask that you refrain from clicking if you are seeking in-person lessons. As a note, every click counts and I am charged for each one. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to potentially working with you soon! 😊

Hey there! I'm Phil and I've been a musician for over 15 years. I'm excited to announce that I am currently accepting more students to teach instruments such as guitar (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, drums, piano, and ukulele. I'm passionate about teaching artistry, emotion, expression, music theory, songwriting and production to all my students.

I have experience performing in foreign countries and recently obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production from Berklee College of Music. I also have an EP on Spotify (Phavors - feel free to check it out).

I love working with students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're looking for a stress-relieving hobby or a performing artist with original music on Spotify, I'm here to help!

At this time, I only offer virtual lessons through Zoom/FaceTime/Skype. Additionally, I'm an audio engineer and can assist with mixing, mastering, and editing audio work for anything from your own original song to commercial audio. I'm here to help with anything audio-related that you need!
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Phil has demonstrated incredible patience with my 6-year-old, and he has succeeded in engaging my son and making his lessons enjoyable and beneficial. We are extremely fortunate to have such an exceptional instructor on our team!
June 20, 2022
I am extremely thankful to have come across Phil. I have been taking lessons from him for approximately 6 months, and each session has been truly valuable. Phil is an amiable person and adaptable to any situation. He is well-versed in all genres of music and can personalize his instruction according to each student's musical taste, learning speed, and proficiency level. Though Phil may not perform miracles, he does come close, and one can expect to acquire beneficial and impressive techniques from every lesson. Besides, his feline companion is outstanding as well. So, even if for no other reason, attend one lesson to experience the intimidating predator!
February 13, 2022
Our 4.5-year-old son loves Phil and is always eager for his lessons because Phil is simply amazing!
February 3, 2022
Heather T.
Phil is doing an excellent job with our daughter. Despite only having two lessons, she is already capable of playing "Mary had a little lamb"!
November 18, 2021
Nicholas D.
Phil is an exceptional guitar instructor! I tried five different teachers, both in-person and virtual, but Phil proved to be the best. His lessons are something I always look forward to each week. Phil makes the learning process fun and engaging. He has a friendly and approachable personality that fosters a supportive learning environment. Phil invests in his students and provides them with encouragement to help them succeed. He has an exceptional understanding of music, theory, and guitar, which he effortlessly incorporates into his lessons. Phil customizes his teaching methods according to the student's skill level and meets them where they are, ensuring that they make steady progress. During each class, Phil takes notes on his iPad and summarizes the lesson, providing relevant resources such as tabs, chord charts, etc., for future reference or practice. Look no further for a fantastic guitar teacher than Phil!
October 8, 2021