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2.9 (28)
From Burlingame, CA
SinceSeptember, 2021

With over 40 years of experience, I take immense pride in my work, which accounts for 90% of all the tasks I carry out. I specialize in sewer video inspections as well as tankless water heater installations.
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Service as described 3.4
Communication 2.4
Punctuality 2.9
Emily M.
My place was visited by John, who was investigating a mysterious leak from the shower. As soon as he arrived, it was obvious that he was experienced in this field. He swiftly identified multiple possibilities and tested each one. He showed great perseverance and devoted over three hours to pinpointing the root cause of the issue. Throughout the whole process, he remained patient and amiable. To receive trustworthy and professional guidance, do not hesitate to contact John!
March 30, 2023
Stephanie M.
With exceptional service and a rare commitment to his clients, John Gallagher is a contractor who truly looks out for your best interests - all at a reasonable price. When I reached out to him with questions about past projects and my own bathroom situation, John was patient, thoughtful, and eager to share his expertise. Even when I scheduled our appointment for the next day, John showed up 30 minutes ahead of time - a level of punctuality that's often hard to come by in contracting. In just a matter of minutes, John had earned my trust and provided me with invaluable advice on how to proceed with my illegal bathroom and the resulting notice of violation. Despite my original contractor changing his mind about hiring John, I'm now confident that I know what needs to be done to successfully pass inspection and won't be taken advantage of. Don't hesitate to work with John Gallagher - who knows, he may even exceed your expectations as he did mine!
March 31, 2022
Jennifer B.
After struggling with a stubborn bathtub drain blockage for several days, I reached out to John for assistance. Not only did he offer me the most competitive pricing, but he also arrived at my home within two hours of my initial call. John conducted himself in a highly professional manner and was able to fully resolve the clog issue in only 45 minutes. I would not hesitate to enlist his services again in the future!
February 11, 2022
John H.
Initially, we thought we had a minor blockage in the toilet; however, John offered his assistance and helped us through the issue. When our attempts to clear the pipes with a snake failed, we identified a severe blockage in the primary sewer line that had accumulated over several years. It required removing and replacing a section of the pipe. John remained communicative throughout the process, keeping us informed of the situation, and answering any queries we had. He never missed a scheduled appointment and often arrived earlier than expected. The quality of his work was exceptional, and we are pleased with the outcome. I would unquestionably engage John for any future needs.
December 13, 2021
Heather L.
Best Plumbing is highly recommended based on my pleasant experience with John. He was quick in addressing our request, well-versed in the faucet that required fixing, and accommodated my preferred schedule for the repair.
October 7, 2021