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4.6 (20)
From New York, NY
SinceOctober, 2021

The foundation of our organization lies in our values, which shape our conduct and actions. These principles steer our interactions with our colleagues, clients, and communities. Our exceptional client service is a result of our unwavering focus on professionalism, quality, and ethics.

We aim to create enduring bonds with our clients and add value to their enterprises. To achieve this goal, we prioritize self-improvement through comprehensive learning, regular coaching, and constructive feedback. Furthermore, we consider our clients as partners and strive for their triumph, which will eventually lead to ours.
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Service as described 4.6
Communication 4.6
Punctuality 4.6
Stephanie D.
Erenik's warm and friendly approach was matched by his immense patience and helpfulness. He assisted me in understanding my IRS debt and detailed my diverse expenses, outlining which expenses are viable and which aren't. Additionally, his easy accessibility is evident through his prompt call-backs whenever I reach out to him. There's no need to search any further!
January 9, 2023
Melissa G.
In order to maintain my association with Nezaj & Co. CPAs, I intend to follow up. They were forthcoming in their responses to my inquiries and did not engage in any pushy tactics to secure business before ensuring that they could adequately address my requirements.
October 25, 2022
Megan R.
Our accounting practices have been a catalyst for change in our lives. What was once a murky situation has now become a clear path, thanks to the expertise of our reliable and stylish team of CPAs. It is an absolute joy to collaborate with them.
September 29, 2022
Stephanie C.
Working with Mr. Nazaj was a delightful experience. His kindness, understanding, and professionalism were invaluable to me. I look forward to utilizing his services for the upcoming tax year!
September 10, 2022
Amanda W.
Having my taxes done was a wonderful experience thanks to the kind, patient, and efficient Erenik. Despite taxes being typically stressful, my visit to this office and specifically with Erenik was not. I enthusiastically recommend both the office and Erenik.
December 23, 2021