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3.7 (6)
From Norristown, PA
SinceDecember, 2021

As a general contracting company, we specialize in providing design and construction services for various types of residential, renovation, and commercial projects throughout Pennsylvania. Our main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality professional services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.
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Service as described 4.6
Communication 3.3
Punctuality 3.1
Danielle R.
Starting with the positives, the initial contact and estimate were provided promptly and without complications. Whenever we needed to get in touch with Syed to discuss progress, issues, or questions, he was always available and responsive, which we found to be very helpful. However, there were several negative aspects to our experience with this contractor. Firstly, the contractor was absent throughout the entire process, with only subcontractors on site most of the time. Additionally, the subcontractors did not speak the same language as the contractor, causing communication issues. Although the project was quoted to take three days, it was obvious from the beginning that the work was not being done correctly. Load-bearing structures were not adequately supported, and an unrelated wire was cut, causing power outages. Despite the contractor's insistence that the work was complete each day, it was far from finished, leading us to believe that he was not being given proper information from the workers. There was also no effort made to prevent dust and debris from spreading throughout the house, resulting in a time-consuming clean-up process. In addition, the caulking caused staining and the replacement of one of our bedroom doors was necessary. After weeks of tolerating subpar work and mess, we decided to terminate the contract without the job being finished. Although they offered to return the following day to correct our concerns, it had already been 10 straight days of adjustments and we could not bear to prolong the ordeal further. Perhaps for smaller projects, this team would have been more suitable. The electrician did good work, and some subcontractors were helpful and responsive. Regrettably, the overall experience was disappointing. We did not anticipate writing a review, but we felt it necessary to share our experience and prevent others from making the same mistake. We felt that the contractor had promised more than he could deliver. In the event that you do decide to work with this company, we strongly suggest being present throughout the process and closely monitoring their work to ensure that it meets your specifications. Directly communicating with the subcontractors may be necessary if you notice that things are not being done correctly.
December 15, 2022
Danielle L.
They initially agreed to offer a quote but later passed on the job.
October 31, 2022
David R.
Sayyed was incredibly prompt and responsive - a rarity amongst the contractors I've encountered through CrackerJack. Many of them failed to keep their promises of sending estimates on time, but Sayyed was different. He arrived punctually and equipped with all the necessary tools to take measurements, displaying his impressive knowledge of the job. Sayyed promptly sent me an estimate and consistently followed up with me, even arranging a meeting with Wayfair to select the cabinets. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances meant that I had to award the project to another contractor, so I cannot speak on Sayyed's work quality. However, if you're seeking timely kitchen or basement work in the Chester County or KOP area, Sayyed is your go-to guy.
September 26, 2022
Anthony T.
With regards to painting a couple of rooms in my abode as well as fixing a patch up on the ceiling wall, Syed provided me with his assistance. He displayed utmost professionalism and accomplished the task at a reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to engage his services again and would also endorse him to people in my social circle.
September 24, 2022
Lauren J.
The service provided is extremely dependable and exceptional.
September 3, 2022