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Have you ever thought about hiring a psychic entertainer for your next party or perhaps receiving a private session? Many people are curious about how it all works, and it can seem like a mysterious experience. However, I can assure you that it's super fun and entertaining. People always get excited about getting a reading because we all want to know more about ourselves. During a psychic reading, you'll be charmed and surprised by what comes up. In my opinion, the most interesting subject is you, and there's always more to know.

As a tarot and palm reader, I also offer fortune-telling lip print readings, handwriting analysis readings with wine, Chico and tea, and can even curate a personalized experience just for you. For special guests, such as a bride or birthday person, the reading comes with a special charm to bring in good luck and love.

While some people may be casually curious, it's important to note that even though CrackerJack says it's free, it's not free for us. When you ask for a quote, we pay for it whether we talk to you or not. Tarot readings are ideal if you're seeking career, relationship, health, or life advice. I can also help you listen to your intuition and develop your supernatural connection to the source and the bigger picture of your emotional relation to all life.

With ten years of experience as a tarot reader and education in esoteric magic and the history of tarot and fortune telling, I have lots of experience making every experience fun for everyone. From bachelorette parties and non-profit fundraisers, to birthday parties and corporate events, I'm available for parties and events of all sizes. I offer a range of options, including tarot cards, Lenormand fortune-telling cards, African oracle readings, Marziano, an augury deck, I'Ching, runes, pendulum, palm reading, costumed character, singing telegram, handwriting analysis, and lip print readings.

For bachelorette and wedding events, I offer a special gift and can do readings one-on-one or as a group together. I've read cards for parties of two and for balls with over five thousand people. As the top-rated psychic entertainer in San Francisco on The Bash party entertainment booking site, I'm available for in-person experiences in the Bay Area. You can come to me, or I can come to you. While online sessions are available, in-person experiences are ideal for most of what I offer.
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Nicole W.
At a bachelorette party, a group of four of us received an astonishing tarot card reading. Sara's skills were exceptional and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
January 9, 2023
Nicholas J.
On the first day of the year, Sara arrived at my house to conduct tarot card readings for a small gathering of my friends. Not only was she prompt and professional, but she also radiated warmth and kindness while diving straight into her work. Sara presented us with a variety of tarot card options and allowed us to select one that resonated with us. Despite encountering an unfamiliar deck of tarot cards, her reading skills were impeccable as she effortlessly referenced the accompanying book while utilizing her intuition to home in on the individual's underlying concerns. Overall, Sara exceeded our expectations with her phenomenal abilities.
January 9, 2023
Michael H.
She was hired for my fiancé's bachelorette party where all the girls had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I highly recommend her!
July 28, 2022
Jonathan W.
Working with Sara is an absolute pleasure. She exhibits responsiveness, respect, and kindness in all her dealings, and her readings are truly exceptional. In fact, I enjoyed her private reading so much that I have already booked her for a party reading.
June 1, 2022
Emily R.
My reading went well as she assisted me in recognizing the solution that was apparent but overlooked, along with the necessary steps to rectify it. I am motivated to take action and strengthen my defenses in order to regain my plentiful friendships.
May 21, 2022