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4.7 (7)
From Cincinnati, OH
SinceSeptember, 2021

My goal was to create a system that was user-friendly and easy to comprehend, with a focus on improving administrative efficiency. To achieve this, I invest a lot of time and effort into system maintenance activities without charging extra fees. By doing so, both my clients and I benefit from the cost savings that come with better efficiency.

While financial reports are useful in identifying areas of concern, it is essential to analyze them in the context of your business operations. However, many bookkeepers and business owners struggle with this.

Throughout my career, I have had numerous opportunities to bring order to chaos. This has been a significant relief to clients who have been struggling with inaccurate information or complicated administrative processes. Although it may be a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine, I love being the hero!
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Service as described 4.8
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Punctuality 4.9
He possesses exceptional number skills. It was my initial encounter with an accountant, and I was not adequately prepared for it. Being a small business owner, I felt peculiar seeking assistance in managing my books. I presumed that it was a task I should perform on my own. However, he quickly put me at ease and assured me of my competence. Daniel advised me that it is wise to seek help and focus on my strengths. He created a fantastic spreadsheet to track all my expenses, which has enhanced my organization skills. He kept me informed of his progress along the way, stayed true to his estimated completion period, and finished the job exceptionally well. I plan on enlisting his services for my tax returns next year.
February 5, 2023
Two years ago, Daniel was hired to fix our QuickBooks system. He successfully reconfigured it and resolved our financial issues. We've kept him on board to aid us in all accounting areas, including tax preparation. Since he's such an expert in QuickBooks, we have discarded our support plan and saved a significant amount of money. Whenever we encounter difficulties or inquiries, Daniel is always efficient in guiding us back on course. We always seek his expertise before integrating new programs that interact with QuickBooks. We're satisfied with Daniel's services and aspire to maintain a prosperous working relationship with him.
September 5, 2022
To tackle my small business's overdue tax returns and historical bookkeeping, I enlisted the assistance of Daniel Hayes. Throughout the process, Daniel has showcased his impressive expertise as a CPA, while maintaining clear lines of communication and fair billing practices. Without hesitation, I highly endorse Daniel Hayes for all bookkeeping and accounting needs.
August 23, 2022
Daniel is an absolute savior for me. As a small business owner and someone who is terrified of anything math-related, his expertise has proven invaluable in navigating my financial changes following divorce. I truly cannot recommend him enough. Through working with Daniel, I have been able to approach my finances in an entirely new light, and his passion for what he does is truly inspiring.
February 22, 2022
Working with Daniel is a delightful experience. He exudes tremendous professionalism and possesses immense expertise. Apart from assisting me in preparing my taxes, he also cleared up any queries I had concerning how my property influences my taxes. Although I was his client while he was in California, I continued working with him even after he relocated to Ohio. He is exceedingly prompt, dependable, and well-organized, even when operating from another state. I strongly recommend his services!
October 3, 2021