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4.6 (26)
From San Francisco, CA
SinceDecember, 2021

My objective is to assist you in redesigning your area and establishing efficient systems that enhance your ability to manage your life. My concentration is on making you feel self-assured, well-organized, and content. I specialize in tidying up and organizing various areas including wardrobes, kitchens, pantries, garages, offices, playrooms, baby nurseries, and more!
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Service as described 4.1
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Punctuality 4.9
Samantha R.
My bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet were miraculously decluttered by Danielle and her team. Despite the popular belief that decluttering should be done alone, Danielle's team proved otherwise by helping me achieve lasting and meaningful changes that I couldn't have accomplished on my own due to lack of time, hands, and guts. It was truly amazing. Danielle and her team showed up promptly and with their own food, ready to tackle the job at hand. They made efficient use of every moment, and even arranged for the donation of unwanted items. My once-messy spaces are now tidy and well-organized, thanks to Danielle's foresight in providing drawer organizers for everyday bathroom use. I can't thank you enough, Miss Clutter!
April 19, 2023
Robert M.
I cannot express enough how much I adore Miss Clutter! Danielle's schedule is always full with clients, and because I procrastinated, I was in dire need of assistance and almost had to seek help elsewhere. Fortunately, she had an available slot and accommodated me. I'm happy it all worked out! Danielle and Amy transformed the play area, organized the entry closet and pantry without pressuring me to dispose of anything. Even sentimental possessions were given a place or neatly packed for storage. They worked efficiently while also considering my inputs on how things were progressing. I will undoubtedly have them back to organize the kitchen and walk-in closet. I highly recommend their services!
February 5, 2023
Sarah P.
The garage, previously referred to as a cramped and chaotic "serial killer" space, was transformed into an impressive sight by Danielle. She efficiently organized the area, assisted us in determining our necessities, and eliminating unnecessary items. We will definitely be seeking Danielle's services again in the future!
February 3, 2023
Christopher W.
Excellence is what defines Danielle and her team. Her communication skills are exceptional. She arrived at my abode and swiftly executed her plan to unpack and organize my kitchen. Furthermore, she provided me with valuable recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of their work and ensure that I maintain orderliness long after her departure. I strongly urge everyone to seek her services.
January 8, 2023
Robert W.
Drawing inspiration from Danielle of Miss Clutter is highly recommended for anyone trying to start or maintain their small business. Initially, I gave her crew a 3-star rating for a number of reasons that she failed to address even after some time had passed. The process of setting a start date was problematic as she struggled to remember my name and the details of my situation. This, coupled with a requirement of a minimum of 5 hours at $125/hr was very disappointing. However, Danielle's team had an awesome performance and would have surpassed expectations based solely on their merits. The team was personable, talented, and enthusiastic. Unfortunately, I only met Danielle on the third day into the process, after spending over $2000. Moreover, I had scheduled their services for a later date but my best friend had organized me in the interim; hence, I was forced to cancel the upcoming appointment. In response, Danielle sent me an email simply canceling the appointment without any kind of follow-up or thanks for my business. However, Danielle followed up with me over the phone and expressed her desire to rectify any issues. Her warm and apologetic tone was most impressive. It's noteworthy that she implored me to share more information about the situation, so she could implement the changes necessary to improve customer service to her business. Her willingness to tackle the situation head-on and her ability to listen to constructive criticism makes her an impressive young woman and a naturally gifted business person. I was genuinely impressed with her sincerity, bravery, and finesse. I initially posted a review containing some unpleasant experiences, but I am impressed with Danielle's courage and willingness to take feedback. She truly cares for her clients and the success of her business. I am grateful for her outreach and impressed with her responsiveness despite the earlier missed opportunities. I have no hesitation recommending her services and will continue using Miss Clutter.
September 7, 2022