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From Los Angeles, CA
SinceDecember, 2021

Having worked with thousands of clients and workshop students worldwide, I bring more than two decades of full-time clinical practice experience to the table. My unique method, Synthesis, operates on both conscious and subconscious levels to fast-track clients towards achieving their objectives. We're all innately resistant to change, often despite wanting it and knowing it's in our best interest, but I'm adept at helping clients overcome this hurdle, sometimes in half the time a pure hypnotherapy approach might take. We all lead busy lives, which is why I'm committed to expediting the process of helping you think, feel, and act in alignment with your aspirations, so you can start enjoying your success as a better version of yourself, whilst adhering to Rule #1: Life is supposed to be fun!

Rated the best in L.A. by CrackerJack.com, I pride myself on helping clients and students unleash the full potential of their innate power to kickstart lives that are happy, productive, abundant, and joyful - as they are entitled to. So many of us feel trapped in negative states, with low self-esteem and limiting beliefs holding us back. Naturally, I find it incredibly gratifying to help clients break free of these constraints, usually over a matter of weeks.
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The splendid Dr. McGrail promptly initiated accessibility to effectively communicate with ease. His professionalism and authentic care resulted in an improvement of perspective, leaving one feeling better with his immediate assistance. Highly recommended and truly appreciated. Many thanks!
March 9, 2023
It has been almost a month since I sought assistance from Dr McGrail. At that time, I was in a state of disarray and didn't know where to start to begin healing. Dr McGrail devoted time to understand me better. During our first session, he communicated concepts in such an easy-to-understand manner that I felt absolute trust in his ability to relieve anxiety with hypnotherapy. After only a few sessions, the burden of my worries had been lifted, and I was able to breathe again. Even now, I can utilize the tools and resources that Dr McGrail provided to continue my personal growth. In addition, he aided me in quitting my vaping habit, which I had developed as a coping mechanism. I am forever thankful for Dr McGrail's assistance, and I would suggest scheduling a free consultation even if you are unsure whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you.
February 16, 2023
Thanks to the clinical hypnosis techniques of Dr. John McGrail, I was able to make it through an intense six-month chemotherapy program with relative ease. Despite the harshness of the treatment, which saw me sitting through hours of drug infusions before being sent home with a portable pump for further medication, Dr. McGrail's two hypnotherapy sessions helped me to fortify my body against the worst effects of the treatment. This was especially important for me, given the range of symptoms which others had warned me about, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe fatigue. What I appreciated most about Dr. McGrail's approach was its focus on empowering me to take control of my own wellbeing. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to cultivate a more positive outlook that allowed me to face the challenges of the chemotherapy process with greater resilience and determination. I would recommend Dr. McGrail to anyone undergoing chemotherapy who is searching for effective support during a difficult time.
January 18, 2023
mmend him to anyone wanting to quit smoking. With Dr McGrail's incredible help, I was able to overcome my smoking habit without experiencing any cravings. His professionalism and approachable personality made working with him an absolute delight. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to kick the habit.
January 14, 2023
Dr. John is an amazing individual! I consulted him for public speaking related problems and we tackled that by delving into the various facets of my life and childhood. His hypnosis techniques were backed by his unwavering self-assurance and conviction, which captivated my attention. Provided that one is willing to put in the effort, dedicate the time, and explore their emotions and subconscious, Dr. John can significantly influence your perspective and positively alter your life.
October 22, 2022