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From Mountain View, CA
SinceSeptember, 2022

My aim is not only to help you pass your drivers permit/License with flying colors (95%) on your first try but also to ensure that you become a responsible driver. I will offer personalized lessons to cater to your individual requirements. I am committed to identifying and correcting all your mistakes while instilling the best safe driving practices, which will make you a more defensive, efficient, and seamless driver. Lastly, I will strive for you to unconsciously prioritize safety while traveling on the busiest city roads.
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William T.
Mehran's guidance enabled me to ace my driver's test on my very first try. Despite feeling unready for the exam just four weeks after starting my driving lessons, his coaching gave me the assurance I required to succeed. Moreover, I admired that Mehran owned a larger vehicle as an option for taller students, like me. This made it significantly more comfortable for me to adjust to driving.
April 21, 2023
Courtney H.
To anyone seeking to take their driving test in California, I highly endorse my instructor, Mehran. He was able to promptly identify my shortcomings from the start and provided clear and concise guidance to address them. His patience, empathy, and eagerness to refine my driving skills were commendable. Moreover, he ensured that I was comfortable driving in various situations, from city streets to highways. Thanks to Mehran's mentorship, I felt confident and well-prepared when taking my driving test and successfully passed. Mehran distinguished himself with the following traits that I found valuable: - Proficient in both driving rules and techniques for passing the test - Adept at catering to my individual needs and pace - A fun and effective instructor who made the learning process enjoyable Overall, I unequivocally recommend Mehran as an exceptional driving instructor. He will not only prepare you for the test but also instill safe and confident driving behaviors.
April 17, 2023
William R.
I never expected to pass Mehran's classes on my first attempt within a month. However, I quickly realized that he is a talented teacher. His classes were packed with valuable tips and lessons that made it much easier for me to understand turns, lane changes, and checks. Impressively, he tailored his teaching style to suit each individual student's needs. His meticulous attention to detail and observation of every subtle aspect of the lessons illustrated his level of dedication. Furthermore, Mehran's great sense of patience and humor made the driving experience enjoyable. He guided me through multiple practice sessions and appointment bookings. Overall, Mehran was the perfect driving instructor for me.
April 9, 2023
Kayla N.
Mehran's flexibility contributed greatly to my passing the driving test on my first attempt. Despite his busy schedule, he made the effort to accommodate my lessons. With other driving schools in the vicinity, I would not have been able to practice as frequently as I did. Throughout the lessons, Mehran supported me by introducing me to the routes, identifying the challenging areas and giving me valuable advice. He helped me to understand the traffic laws in greater detail, thus increasing my confidence levels. Furthermore, he also enabled me to become more comfortable driving my car and always offered solutions to any car issues that arose. This has been a significant breakthrough since I've since overcome my fear of driving in everyday scenarios. Mehran, I am extremely appreciative of your support, and I acknowledge the fact that I require more practice to become a better driver. Nonetheless, with your assistance, the possibility of reaching that goal has come within reach. Thank you, Mehran!
March 17, 2023
Rachel F.
My heartfelt recommendation goes out to anyone looking to learn how to drive or pass their DMV test. This driving instructor stands out from the rest with his exceptional professionalism, extensive knowledge of California driving laws, and unparalleled expertise. His highly effective teaching style is tailored to each student's unique needs and abilities, which enabled me to develop the necessary skills and confidence to easily pass the DMV test. From the first lesson, it was clear that this highly experienced instructor knew how to teach in a way that was both engaging and effective. He provided clear and concise instructions, was patient and encouraging throughout the process, and taught us not only the basics of driving but also the finer points and tricks for passing the DMV test. What truly sets this instructor apart is his ability to assess his students' strengths and weaknesses and design lessons accordingly. He offered valuable tips and guidance, allowing me to develop the necessary skills and confidence to pass the DMV test with ease. In summary, I highly recommend this exceptional instructor to anyone seeking to learn how to drive or pass the DMV test. His professionalism, expertise, and exceptional teaching skills make him one of the best driving trainers in the industry. If you're seeking an outstanding instructor to learn how to drive and pass the DMV test in a timely and efficient manner, then look no further than this exceptional instructor. Thank you very much. 🙏💐
March 15, 2023