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From Chicago, IL
SinceDecember, 2021

Utilizing my design talents in various settings has stemmed from my adoration for all things beautiful. I offer personalized customer service and specialize in interior design, commercial photography, graphic design, and remodeling consultation. My ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing the smiles on my clients' faces after collaborating to bring their visions to reality – whether it's rejuvenating a home, capturing a person's spirit in a portrait, designing meaningful print materials, or creating a stunning logo for a budding business.
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Service as described 4.7
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Punctuality 4.6
Samantha L.
Andrei was contracted to oversee the renovation of both our master bathroom and laundry room. During our initial consultation, he shared an itemized breakdown of labor and material expenses that proved exceedingly beneficial to us when planning the project's budget. He lent his expertise to help us with the design and material selection aspects of the project, and his attention to detail in laying out what needed to be executed was remarkable. The final quality of the work was exceptional, and we were particularly gratified that these two projects were completed on schedule and to a high standard.
March 8, 2023
William L.
With Andrea's assistance, I was able to design full interior updates and obtain numerous material references. The tiles in our bathroom and the vinyl floors throughout our home are both loved. I greatly appreciated consulting with Andrea for my remodeling project. Thank you so much!
January 8, 2023
Heather L.
Andrei's work was exceptional. Our bathroom and sunroom were both unappealing, outdated spaces in desperate need of a makeover. Andrei came to the rescue, transforming the bathroom into a stunning, modern, spa-like haven, and refreshing the sunroom to complement the new bathroom. His design ideas were top-notch, and the end result was exactly what we had hoped for. He took the time to understand our style, vision, and budget, delivering a fresh and beautiful design for both spaces. Andrei's collaborative approach and extensive network of construction professionals made the project stress-free and enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with him, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking a design expert who delivers beautiful results. You won't be disappointed!
November 4, 2022
Rachel J.
It's not worth your time as he fails to honor his commitments.
October 9, 2022
Heather A.
My initial experience with CrackerJack was for my first project. In August, I bought a townhome and decided it was necessary to renovate the kitchen. After consulting with three designers in-home, I ultimately selected Andrei Viscrbov from Design from A to V for the remodel. One of the main reasons I chose Andrei was due to his attentiveness during our initial consultation. He listened to my vision and was able to articulate how he would execute my desired outcome while also disclosing all associated costs. Andrei outlined the entire budget during that first meeting, and the project was completed with no financial surprises. The results of Andrei's work exceeded my expectations. The transformation was exceptional, taking my kitchen from almost unusable to my desired space. The photos I have attached do not fully capture all of the remarkable work that Andrei and his business partners completed. Andrei and his team took care of all aspects of the project, including demolishing the existing kitchen, installing new flooring throughout the entryway, kitchen, and dining room, removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room, and constructing new cabinets, countertops, and an island. Additionally, they managed all new lighting from the entryway to the kitchen, relocated the plumbing to reposition the sink, painted the entire first floor, and replaced the dishwasher, kitchen sink, range hood, and faucet, including the installation of a garbage disposal. In conclusion, I strongly recommend Andrei and the construction team he collaborates with for any home renovation project.
August 20, 2022