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Greetings, I go by the name of Ann Souren and I specialize in teaching contemporary singing styles. My approach to teaching is based on addressing the specific needs of my students and tailoring the lessons accordingly. The lessons I offer are dynamic, enjoyable, and tremendously time-efficient. My main goal is to help my students achieve results, and I guarantee success. Most of my students notice improvement even after their first session. Typically, it only takes me 2-3 months to enable even the most inexperienced individuals to become confident singers. I firmly believe that anyone who can speak and has an ear for music can develop their singing potential under the guidance of the right teacher.

As a vocal coach, I have 20 years of experience, supplemented by over 35 years of professional singing and recording experience. I know what it takes to excel as a performer, having performed with different live bands, orchestras, big bands, and having shared the stage with Grammy award-winning artists such as Yolanda Adams, Diane Schuur, Patti Austin, Richard Marx, Leo Sayer and many others. I'm enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and expertise with students who are interested in pursuing a career in music or hobbyists who simply have a passion for singing. I am proud to have helped thousands of individuals around the world reach their goals and enhance their singing abilities.

Teaching brings me great joy and I take pride in seeing my students progress with every lesson. Being able to inspire people is a fantastic feeling, and being able to help them achieve their dreams is even better! I am equally comfortable teaching complete beginners, amateurs, and professional singers, and I always look forward to seeing my students grow and develop.
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For about two months, I have had the pleasure of working with Ann on improving my singing voice. Since then, I have witnessed a significant transformation and am overjoyed with the results! What sets Ann apart from the rest is her ability to make me feel at ease while simultaneously challenging me to come out of my comfort zone during lessons. I have always struggled with projecting my voice but with Ann's guidance, I have made tremendous progress in this area. Her passion for helping me discover my voice and reach new heights is evident in every session. It is clear that she derives immense satisfaction from observing people grow and develop their voices. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Working with Ann has been an absolute pleasure, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their vocal abilities.
April 17, 2023
Ann has had an indescribable impact on me - I am a Pakistani living in Maryland who had always dreamed of becoming a professional singer. However, due to societal and cultural pressures, I instead pursued a career in medicine after moving to the USA. As a result, my love for singing was forgotten and buried underneath my workload. It was not until I stumbled upon Ann's glowing reviews on CrackerJack that my passion was rekindled. Despite her busy schedule, Ann was incredibly responsive and I was soon having FaceTime lessons with her despite living on opposite sides of the country. Ann truly changed my life. She helped me rediscover the passion for singing that I had as a young girl in Pakistan and made me believe in myself even when I was self-conscious about my recordings. With her guidance and coaching, I was able to build on my vocal skills in ways that I never thought were possible. It was an emotional and exhilarating experience, and I owe it all to Ann's exceptional teaching skills and beautiful personality. Whether you are an experienced singer or have no experience at all, consider yourself lucky to have come across Ann's profile. ❤️
February 23, 2023
Ann's warm hospitality greatly eased my nerves during my first private voice lesson. Her explanations of vocal exercises and techniques were clear and easy to comprehend. Following the session, my confidence and motivation to sing increased. I intend to continue with Ann's lessons and wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone seeking to enhance their singing abilities.
February 17, 2023
My first singing lesson went exceptionally well with my new coach. Upon arrival at the studio, my coach made me feel very comfortable – putting me at ease from the start. We started with some warm-up activities, and I was impressed by how knowledgeable and proficient my coach was in guiding me through them. My coach was insightful, patient, and encouraging during the entire lesson – and quickly identified areas where I needed improvement. They listened intently to my singing, provided constructive feedback that was useful and specific, and made me feel like I had learned a great deal in just one session. I'm excited to see how much I can improve with more lessons to come. What stood out to me about my coach was their positivity and flexibility in working with me. They created a supportive, uplifting environment where I felt comfortable enough to let go and focus on improving my vocal abilities. I left the lesson feeling revitalized and eager to continue my progress. All in all, I highly recommend my singing coach for anyone seeking a professional with expert skills and experience to help them enhance their vocal abilities. I'm anticipating my forthcoming lessons and excited to develop under their guidance.
February 16, 2023
Ann is an absolute delight to work with and has a wealth of knowledge to impart! Her expertise is undeniable and she is a consummate professional. For anyone seeking to improve their vocal techniques, gain a technical understanding of their voice, and achieve a professional-level of singing, Ann is the perfect vocal coach. Not only does Ann have a classical training background and vast theoretical knowledge, but she is also a performer herself, which gives her a unique understanding of how our voices work. As a coach, she is both supportive and patient, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging. Every lesson with Ann is fun and filled with laughter, but I am also consistently building a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will help me excel as a singer. Plus, she teaches a wide range of genres, making her a versatile coach that can cater to anyone's preferences. The best part of the experience is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you can sing the songs you love with confidence and pride. I highly recommend Ann as a vocal coach - give her a try and discover the incredible benefits for yourself!
August 12, 2022