An Eye for Color

4.8 (74)
From Campbell, CA
SinceJuly, 2022

For the past 35 years, I've worked as a Fashion Stylist and Home Organizer with a simple mission- to make a positive impact in people's lives. My clients approach me for both services: for fashion styling, I provide a personalized wardrobe curation that caters to their body type, age, lifestyle, and budget. As a fashion public speaker and a wardrobe stylist for nationwide magazines, I have ample knowledge in fashion brands and how they fit different body types. I work one-on-one with clients to understand their fashion goals and save them time and money by providing valuable tips on sales, promotions, and special offers.

As a Home Organizer, I offer a wide range of organizing solutions, including decluttering and organizing living spaces as well as assistance in moving prep or unpacking boxes. Clients appreciate me as an extra pair of hands and a coach who helps them manage their living space, and I'm highly approachable, easy to work with, and non-judgmental. Additionally, I'm an interior decorator, and I ensure that every item is in the right place.

If you're looking for fashion consultation or home organization services, look no further. I provide FREE phone consultations and IN HOME consultations for all clients. With a high work ethic, keen eye for detail, and natural ability to assess body shape and personality, I'll help you declutter, organize, and style your life!
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Service as described 4.8
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Ashley G.
er working with Jodi, my experience has been fantastic. Throughout the process, she was patient with me regarding the numerous questions I had. I found myself in a predicament where I had gained weight and lacked suitable attire that made me feel comfortable. However, I was also striving to shed some pounds and didn't want to splurge on outfits that I might have to discard later. Jodi was able to accurately identify my fashion preference and procure clothes that I absolutely adore. She refused to settle for anything that wasn't flattering on me.
April 2, 2023
Robert M.
Jodie proved to be an exceptional stylist for me. I've been struggling for years to find outfits that flatter my body type and complement the contents of my closet. My reckless shopping habits and failure to properly assess colors only added to my wasteful spending and cluttered wardrobe. Jodie expertly determined which types of clothing and hues suited me best. I'm eager to try on the outfits she chose for me and finally feel content with what I see in my closet every morning. Jodie was a consummate professional, arriving on time and completing the task at hand with efficiency and enthusiasm. I greatly appreciated her efforts in securing discounts on most of the clothes we selected. Her services were incredibly affordable and surpassed my expectations. Overall, it was a pure pleasure to collaborate with Jodie.
March 20, 2023
Megan K.
At 81 years of age, I had never sought assistance with my wardrobe. Jody's approach was splendid and she demonstrated great consideration towards the fact that my weight had increased, rendering most of my clothes unsuitable. Additionally, she showcased a degree of expertise in psychology and was highly empathetic towards my emotions. Our collaborative effort entailed discarding a multitude of outdated clothes and consequently creating space for stylish outfits that complemented my figure. My experience with Jody was exceptional!
March 12, 2023
John B.
Jodie's responsiveness was exceptional and she assisted me with curating the ideal wardrobe for fall and winter. As a novice in the realm of fashion and styling, Jodie exhibited immense patience and non-judgement, making the experience truly enjoyable. Jodie goes above and beyond to source items that meet your specifications and fit your budget. I strongly endorse her services for anyone seeking a warm, compassionate, fashion-savvy consultant with a great eye for color. 😉
January 18, 2023
Daniel B.
Working with Jodie for my wardrobe closet was a fantastic experience. She meticulously organized my closet, and went beyond that to assist me with accessorizing and assembling complete outfits.
October 22, 2022