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Experience the Next Evolutionary Phase of Nutrition and Fitness Training through Genetics and Biometrics with Body Evolution!

Our Science-based approach to Fitness Training and Nutrition is results-driven, providing you with an unfair advantage by utilizing the latest research and scientific tools.

We offer Monitoring and Tracking, Coaching and Accountability, Results and Success, as well as Professional Services that include DNA-Analysis Testing, DNA/Biometric Detoxification, Nutrition and Fitness Plans, Meal Delivery, One-on-One In-Person and Remote Fitness Training.

Our Specializations include Nutrition and Meal Planning, Calisthenics, HIIT/Circuit Training, Plyometrics, Muscle Isolation/Body-Building, and Fat-burning and Muscle Building.

Body Evolution is comprised of Certified Nutritionists and Fitness Specialists who provide Genetic/DNA Testing and Analysis, DNA/Bio-metric Designed Nutrition and Fitness Plans, Detoxification Plans, Biometric Tracking and Monitoring, and One-on-One Coaching and App-Monitoring.

Our Passion is to help people improve their quality of life through natural whole foods, movements, and relaxation for healing and total body and life transformation.

Take the Next Step and contact us today for a Complimentary Fitness and Nutrition Consultation. For a limited time, we also offer a Free Complete Body Evolution Nutrition and Fitness Evaluation, as well as 20% off programs (rules apply). Join us today to experience the Body Evolution and Life Transformation!
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Service as described 4.9
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I recall reading reviews recommending Bryan as amazing before I made my booking, and I can confirm that all the positive comments were valid. Despite the hustle and bustle of my life lately, Bryan has been patient with me and allows me to advance at a pace that suits me, without abandoning me. I am committed to lasting health benefits and permanent changes, but it is also rewarding to have lost 10 pounds already. I am excited to update my review and share my progress soon!
November 13, 2022
My wellness journey began just this week, and it has been an incredible experience. Brian has been by my side throughout every step, attentively listening to my needs and making me feel important. For the first time ever, I have a trainer who is truly invested in my well-being. I'm pleased to report that I've already lost four pounds, and I'm thrilled to continue on this journey and see all of the amazing outcomes that await me.
May 5, 2022
I am thoroughly enjoying my journey with Body Evolution! Coach Bryan is amazing, with his guidance and constant motivation, he has been instrumental in keeping me on track. I appreciate his regular check-ins, which keep me accountable, and his unwavering support in promptly answering any queries I may have!
April 5, 2022
My encounter with Body Evolution was remarkable. Alongside shedding 30 pounds, I imbibed the habit of having healthy meals and exercising regularly. My trainer was amazing, and the staff demonstrated great flexibility in accommodating my schedule and health concerns.
February 28, 2022
My experience working with Dillon was amazing. He ignited a love for strength training within me, and now I'm on the right path to achieving my weight goals. Dillon is incredibly approachable and relaxed, and his exceptional work ethic and expertise are admirable. Overall, working with this outstanding trainer was a fantastic experience.
November 22, 2021