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Hi, I'm Prof. Alex, a Doctor of Education and a Linguist. I'm also a Creator of 2D Video Sound Motion Technology, Professor of English as a Second Language, American Accent Coach, and Life Coach. Welcome to my profile! Please read on to learn about my program.


1. TO THE STUDENT (Program Overview)

Module 1: Learning American Consonants
Module 2: Learning American Vowels
Module 3: Intonation & Emphasis


In my American Accent Program, you will learn how to pronounce American English correctly by focusing on the three modules, consonants, vowels, and intonation. Using advanced 2D sound motion technology, you will master facial muscle training and sound explanation for a more effective approach in creating the American sound.

The courses are tailored to meet individual needs and preferences, priced at a rate of $120 per hour or $200 per hour for individual and single sound learning, respectively. If you prefer a group setting with other learners, intensive classes are available for modules 1 and 2. A 1-hour life coaching session is also available at a rate of $150, focusing on positive thinking, inspiration, and problem-solving.

I emphasize an individual approach, intellectual interaction, and incorporating the 2D sound motion technology, allowing you to compare and understand the difference between your native language and American pronunciation more effectively. As a linguist, a life coach, and an experienced professor, I am committed to guiding you throughout your learning process to improve your American pronunciation and fluency in speaking English.

Thank you for considering my program, and I am looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Prof. Alex, Ph.D.
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Many immigrants struggle with their pronunciation of words, phrases, and sentences due to not being accustomed to speaking like native speakers. However, Alex offers American phonetics training and coaching which has allowed me to start noticing and improving the nuances of my speech in just a couple of lessons. Having received over 8 lessons thus far, I can confidently say that this skill would have been more valuable to me than grammar had I learned it earlier in life. I am grateful for this journey and am confident that Alex will help me reach my goal of improving my pronunciation. I highly recommend his services!
March 23, 2023
I collaborated with Alex to improve my accent, and I must say his teaching methods and course materials are very meticulous. He's deeply invested in my progress and takes time to identify the obstacles I face as a non-native speaker. I wholeheartedly endorse his services.
March 1, 2023
Although I haven't been under Alex's tutelage for very long, I'm already noticing an improvement in my abilities. Alex is quick to identify my errors and gives me clear guidance on the proper positioning of my mouth for achieving accurate pronunciation. I'm glad to have him as my instructor.
February 13, 2023
Through Dr. Alex, I have discovered an entirely new world of professional and systematic techniques to perfect my accent and sound like a native speaker. His teaching methods are truly phenomenal, as they combine learning with enjoyment. Dr. Alex's expertise extends beyond just linguistic knowledge, as his enthusiasm and impressive speaking skills elevate my communication abilities to new heights. Not only does he help me achieve clarity in my speech, but he also teaches me how to engage with audiences effectively. I thoroughly enjoy learning from Dr. Alex, and I highly recommend his lessons to anyone who may be hesitant due to price concerns. I promise that after your first session, you'll understand the value he provides.
February 4, 2023
Having lived in the United States for a decade, I find that although I can communicate effectively at work, my strong accent remains a hindrance when I aspire to attain a leadership role. It's disheartening to constantly hear the question, "What did you just say?" despite my best efforts. Even my American boyfriend hasn't been able to help me as people tend to get used to the way I speak and don't correct my mistakes. I can vouch for Alex's professionalism and sense of responsibility as a teacher. His class made me realize the significant errors I had been making, such as using native pronunciations instead of English pronunciations or incorrect intonation. Every session uncovered mispronounced words that had gone unnoticed in the past. This is something that was never addressed in any of my previous classes. Currently, I am in my second term, and I'm pleased to say that I feel as though I am making more progress than ever before.
January 30, 2023