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SinceAugust, 2021

I am an expert in fight sport fitness and practical self-defense. Join me for training!
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After two sessions with Jeremy, I appreciate his attentive approach. He observes and listens closely, striking a balanced execution without excessive force or constraint. For someone with my history of injuries, Jeremy's emphasis on form is essential. He respects my areas of focus while incorporating necessary components to enhance my "athlete" capabilities in daily life. Trust is crucial to progress, and with Jeremy's guidance, I am able to undertake challenging lifts with confidence. Additionally, his knowledge of various martial arts comes in handy for relieving stress through basic (for now, bwahaha) boxing drills. I eagerly anticipate further sessions with Jeremy and am curious about our shared accomplishments.
February 27, 2023
Jeremy is an excellent professional who created a customized program tailored to my personal requirements. He always delivers on time, offers reasonable prices and is also an outstanding trainer.
October 14, 2022
During high school, Jeremy and I trained together. Now, as I work towards managing my T2 diabetes and improving my health, Jeremy is my trainer. We started working together in September 2013 and since then, I have lost 10lb. I feel better than I have in years and am establishing a solid routine to shed weight and keep it off. In addition to his training expertise, Jeremy makes sure I am mindful of my nutrition and what I consume. Keeping each session fun, active, and positive, he incorporates new techniques he learns from his peers. Managing diabetes can make losing weight challenging while keeping blood glucose levels regulated. However, with Jeremy, I am on track to reach my goal of 190lbs by the end of 2014. Trust Jeremy and FireFitness - you won't be disappointed.
April 12, 2022
My exercise routine used to be centered around running and Pilates, which improved my heart, legs, and core. However, I felt like I was missing something until I started boxing with Jeremy. This form of workout is both physically and mentally demanding, as Jeremy - a professional fighter himself - teaches clients technique, movement, combinations, cardiovascular warm-ups, coordination work, and strength. With his patience, knowledge, and passion, Jeremy can motivate and enable anyone to reach their fitness limits, regardless of their current level. His training has not only made me stronger in my upper body and core, but also helps me feel safe by teaching me how to defend myself. After boxing with Jeremy, I always feel empowered and fulfilled, knowing that my time and investment were well-spent. He has become more than a trainer to me - he is an advocate for my physical and mental health, as well as a friend. -By Meredith van Loben Sels, aged 35.
December 13, 2021
Jeremy's coaching is exceptional! He exudes great energy and explains everything with clarity. I appreciate how he incorporates different techniques from various styles into our workouts. Overall, he's an outstanding coach!!
September 3, 2021