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SinceJune, 2022

Is there a sport that's as fun and frustrating as golf? If you're a beginner seeking guidance, or a seasoned golfer trying to improve, MIE Golf can provide clarity for this amazing game.

One common frustration among students is a lack of consistency in their swing. However, consistency has different meanings, like yardage, ball flight, shape, and scoring. Let's identify what's hindering your game.

I'm Andrew, a golf industry veteran of over a decade dedicated to explaining and demonstrating the nuances of the swing and game to my students. Beginners usually struggle with slicing and hitting the ground, as well as uniform distances. We can erase those irritants with lessons on low point control, weight shift, grip, and more.

Intermediate golfers contend with thin shots, pulls, hooks, and an inconsistent short game. Rather than aimlessly hitting balls at the range, we can delve into how swing components connect and practice productively.

Advanced golfers are adept at ball striking and course management, but may have plateaued and need to fine-tune their swing and mechanics to approach scratch golf. We'll examine your swing numbers and optimize your performance.

Parents, I strive to make lessons fun and educational for your children. They grow and evolve quickly, making consistency elusive. By refining techniques that evolve and grow with them, they can consume knowledge and improve.

As Northern California enters the "off-season," let's work together and produce the best 2023 version of yourself for spring. With 15,000+ lessons taught and experience with Google, Apple, and NASA, I've honed my craft at Glenhardie Country Club, The Governors Club, The Golf Club at Moffett Field, and GOLFTEC Colma.
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Brittany R.
There's no question that Andrew is the top-notch golf instructor out there! His teaching skills are beyond exceptional, and he has an impeccable level of devotion and ardor for the sport that's truly contagious. Under his guidance, I felt completely at ease and confident, and I could witness evident enhancements in my game after every lesson. Andrew has a gift for identifying areas of improvement straightaway and would customize each session to cater to individual needs. He has a great way of breaking down complex swing dynamics into basics and prescribing practice drills to hone those skills beyond the class. Besides, I also entrusted Andrew with club fitting, and he expertly tailored them to my skill level and future growth plans. I would highly vouch for Andrew to anyone looking to up their golfing game!
February 8, 2023
Andrew J.
The quality of Andrew's instruction is unparalleled. With his extensive knowledge of the game and swing mechanics, he simplifies the complexities for me to comprehend. The advanced technology he employs to enhance my skills left me in awe. During our sessions, I noticed remarkable improvement in both distance and accuracy, with the added benefit of a lighter swing. I strongly endorse seeking his lessons, regardless of your golf proficiency level.
November 6, 2022
John G.
Andrew is amazingly skilled at making complex concepts easy to comprehend, and his immense patience is truly commendable. I have benefitted greatly from the course lessons I've had with him, and he has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my game. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Andrew.
November 6, 2022
Nicholas S.
Andrew is an authentic expert who dedicates sufficient time to me during every session, ensuring my ease with the subject matter. I saw favorable outcomes from the very first assessment of my swing. Undoubtedly, an investment worthwhile.
November 6, 2022
Sarah L.
Andrew is an exceptional coach who possesses remarkable empathy. He skillfully presents lessons in a lucid manner that are tailored to suit your physical abilities and comprehension level. In general, I relish each lesson and would unreservedly recommend him to anyone seeking to enhance their golfing skills.
November 6, 2022