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Evolution Austin Therapy was founded by me in early 2021, and I am dedicated to helping my clients thrive. Operating as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I hold the belief that many self-destructive patterns are caused by subconscious conditioning and programming, which we inherit throughout our upbringing, negatively impacting our connections with others. I specialize in working with clients affected by these harmful cycles, who are ready to break free from them and bring about significant changes in their lives. I also guide individuals feeling lost in finding a sense of purpose. Those striving towards a holistic transformation encompassing their mind, body, and soul are my ideal clients. At present, my services are available remotely to clients within Texas.
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During my web research, I stumbled upon Brooke and I am immensely grateful for it. Back then, I was struggling with much stress and anxiety, which steamed from my turbulent professional life and romantic relationship. I did not expect anyone to comprehend my situation entirely. However, Brooke immediately put me at ease during our initial consultation. She provided valuable insights into my problems, how my negative behaviors could worsen them, and how I could attain peace and positivity- which I thought were out of my reach.
September 8, 2021