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I specialize in creating personalized fitness plans to help you reach your distinctive objectives by blending my extensive professional experience in personal training, professional boxing, and yoga. My services are available in-person, whether it be at an outdoor park or a well-ventilated indoor location. Let's begin! I am fully vaccinated.

The world we live in has undergone immense changes over the past couple of years, resulting in stress and a negative impact on our universal health and wellbeing.

I am here to help lessen this stress by promoting your best self. Research has shown that physical activity can significantly impact mood, health, overall wellbeing, and can help convey a sense of control over your life. Let me use my professional skills to help you achieve this. My areas of expertise include functional training, yoga, and professional boxing. I can provide customized plans tailored to your needs, incorporating elements from each of these domains.

For the past nine years, I have assisted individuals in achieving their respective fitness goals. Currently, I am accepting new clients who are genuinely committed to enhancing their personal fitness goals, including body fat reduction, improving cardio-respiratory endurance, maintaining health and wellbeing through boxing fitness, functional training, joint mobility training, posture correction, sports performance enhancement, and basic yoga.

I provide training services for all fitness levels, ages, and preferences - from children and teenagers to adults and seniors, as well as individual and group classes. I'm delighted to offer training sessions in well-ventilated spaces in your home, your backyard, or other outdoor settings. Some of our beautiful local parks also serve as excellent workout areas.

My fee for individual training sessions is $95, while pair or couple sessions are $125. A 10% discount is available on the purchase of a 20-session package. I come equipped with all of the necessary equipment to safely achieve your fitness goals.
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Sunil's skills are truly extraordinary!! Each workout session we have is unique and exhilarating. We train in various parks, which adds to the excitement, and it feels amazing to exercise outside. Sunil incorporates dynamic stretching, boxing, resistance training, and other effective methods. Furthermore, he's equipped to accommodate injuries and offers excellent exercises that enhance shoulder strength. His fitness expertise is unmatched, making him an excellent choice for beginners or anyone seeking a fantastic workout experience! Sunil, thank you so much for everything!! 😊
March 24, 2023
Collaborating with Sunil has been a fantastic experience to enhance my fitness and reach my targeted objectives concerning my tennis footwork and speed. Sunil's expertise in creating and repeating drills and workouts has led to steady improvement. I have gained tremendous value from this collaboration.
March 7, 2023
Sunil's training regimen has had a life-changing effect on me. As a competitive athlete throughout most of my existence, I have encountered various hurdles such as parenting and job responsibilities, as well as turning 50, which have affected my personal well-being and connection with my physique. Despite this, just six weeks of twice-weekly training sessions with Sunil has had a tremendous impact, leaving me feeling more physically powerful than I have in years. The workouts are enjoyable, and Sunil possesses the ability to challenge one's limits, prompting them to achieve advancement. My core strength, general endurance, and overall strength have substantially improved, reinstating my body's capacity to perform almost anything my mind conceives on the soccer field. He's indubitably exceptional!
September 22, 2022
Sunil possesses exceptional expertise in fitness, body maintenance, and nutrition. Having trained with him for several months, I have acknowledged that his fitness plans are flexible and thoughtfully designed. As a result, I have observed substantial enhancement in my stamina and strength. Moreover, his pleasant demeanor and quick responsiveness add to the delightful experience. I strongly vouch for him without any hesitation.
August 15, 2022
I highly recommend Sunil as a phenomenal coach and trainer. He possesses excellent motivation skills, ensures accountability, and is incredibly accommodating regarding scheduling.
March 21, 2022