SD Lewis - NYC Vocal Coach and Troubleshooter

4.8 (12)
From New York, NY
SinceOctober, 2021

I'm an online and in-person vocal and acting instructor based in New York City near Times Square. I provide lessons to singers of all ages, whether they love to sing, think they can't sing, or want to develop a more athletic singing style. Additionally, I offer acting (voice and speech) lessons, piano accompanying, and self-taping services for professional musical theater students. If you don't see a suitable time slot on my calendar, please contact me directly, and I'll check my availability. I offer discounts to recreational singers, students, and children aged six to eleven.

With 25+ years of experience in private voice teaching, music direction, piano accompaniment, and audition coaching, I enjoy providing practical, affordable, and customized lessons to aspiring singers of all genres. Apart from helping them sing better, I troubleshoot difficult songs and support my students, who don't have the time and financial resources for a conventional singing curriculum.

My primary focus is coaching dancers, singers, and actors of all ages to learn skills such as singing popular and rock music, building a brand-specific audition book, developing a strong and flexible speaking voice, preparing sides and monologues for callbacks, and exploring a storyteller mindset.

Apart from serving young professionals, I encourage recreational singers who want to learn a new song, sing karaoke, or jam out with YouTube videos. Whether recreational or professional, I aim to instill a love and joy of singing and acting without any pressure of grades, perfection, or judging.

As a vocal coach, my core philosophy is practical troubleshooting, and I strive to meditate on how sounds convert into speech and song, how text transforms into a performer, and how these skills help us live more intentionally, purposefully, and expressively.

Ultimately, my goal as a teacher is to share my knowledge and experience in a personalized way, so my students feel empowered enough to teach themselves and become fellow troubleshooters and artistic collaborators.
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SD is an exceptional teacher who excels in all aspects. She demonstrates a genuine interest in every individual and tailors her teaching approach to suit their needs. She effectively motivates others to succeed and guides them towards achieving their objectives. She is adaptable to her students' schedules, and her knowledge of the profession is up-to-date. Each lesson is both enjoyable and meaningful. She empowers even the most unseasoned learner to develop confidence, experiment, and progress. SD goes beyond what is expected of a teacher. I only regret not having worked with her earlier.
December 27, 2021
I am extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with SD Lewis! The initial lesson turned out to be extraordinary!!
December 26, 2021
Working with SD has been a wonderful experience. Having grown up as a concert dancer, I had an interest in the world of musical theater, which SD helped me explore. Her exceptional ability to simplify complex vocal concepts in a way that even non-singers can understand and apply is remarkable. Whenever I work with SD, I feel at ease and gain more knowledge that I can use for both singing along with my guitar and auditioning. She has a unique talent for helping you uncover hidden facets of your voice and skills you never knew you had. Every lesson with SD is both enjoyable and productive, making it a perfect blend. I strongly endorse her teaching skills, and would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their vocal skills to consider taking lessons from her.
December 14, 2021
Pop Rock singing always made me nervous. However, SD has introduced me to the pop rock sound, which has helped me understand it better. I now feel confident and comfortable in my abilities and am even excited to sing pop rock! Additionally, her knowledge of playing the piano is extremely helpful during our rehearsal sessions. :)
December 13, 2021
In my singing journey, SD has proved to be an extremely valuable asset. Her impeccable technique helps singers at every level, from novices to experts, to handle each song with proficiency and practical know-how. As a dancer too, she uses apt metaphors to simplify the mechanics of singing, and helps me comprehend the anatomical workings of the body involved in singing. Thanks to her guidance, I have seen a remarkable improvement in both my abilities and self-assurance. Without her support, I wouldn't have come this far!
December 10, 2021