Nolan King's Nutrition and Training

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SinceNovember, 2021

Customized nutrition and workout programs designed to meet your individual requirements, whether at the gym, home, or outdoors. Focused on enhancing weight loss, building muscle, and boosting athletic abilities.
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In my 50's, I faced a weight and mood struggle that was compounded by Covid, menopause, and poor eating habits. Fed up with hasty weight loss solutions, I embarked on a quest to find a reliable nutrition coach. Cue Coach King, who has proven to be an exceptional partner in my journey. In less than a month, thanks to his transparent weekly feedback and prompt responses to my inquiries, I've lost 8.2 pounds. Prior to our collaboration, I had already integrated yoga and strength training into my regimen, elements that Coach King incorporated in his customized workout blueprint for me. Our sessions have enlightened me on the crucial interplay between nutrition, metabolism, weight training, and mindset in achieving my targets. I feel secure with Coach King's regimen because he's tailored it to my specific needs and safety concerns. Though I'm aware that the road ahead might be long, I'm optimistic and grateful for Coach King's skill and experience guiding me forward.
March 26, 2023
Discovering Nolan has brought me tremendous joy as I endeavor to increase my muscle mass. His nutrition and workout regimen have greatly contributed to my growth.
March 14, 2023
Having chosen a 3-month training program, I am pleased to state that I am content with the progress I have made and the weight that I have lost with only one month to go. The nutritional regimen is top-notch and provides a plethora of choices. The training program is uncomplicated, demanding, and fruitful, as well as enjoyable and gratifying. I cannot praise Nolan and his services enough. The whole experience was outstanding, and his timeliness of response is unsurpassed.
March 5, 2023
Nolan's nutrition plan catered to my individual needs, along with his workout plan and willingness to provide guidance, have contributed to my improved comprehension of reaching my desired physical fitness.
March 2, 2023
I completed both the 8-week program (which included nutrition and workouts) and the 4-week program (which focused solely on nutrition). Unfortunately, I faced some health setbacks early on, including a broken toe. However, thanks to Nolan's expertise and flexibility, I was still able to achieve great results. Nolan provided excellent motivation and created a customized plan that made it possible to overcome unexpected obstacles. Despite my health setbacks, I lost 20 pounds by focusing on nutrition. In addition to the weight loss, I also experienced other benefits during this journey, such as improved sleep, reduced stress, increased energy, improved agility, and better digestive health. I now eat cleaner and am gradually moving away from cheat days. I am so grateful for Nolan's support and adaptability during this journey. I plan to continue working with him to lose the next 20 pounds. Thank you, Nolan!
January 17, 2023