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SinceNovember, 2021

Thank you for choosing me as your psychic guide. Through me, you will receive the divine infinite intelligence that will lead you to accurate and detailed psychic sessions.

As a 6th generation psychic spiritual medium, I come from a long line of genuine roots from Transylvania, Budapest, and Santorini. My spiritual calling began at an early age, and I have been practicing for over 40 years in the art of palmistry, tarot, astrology, and metaphysical arts.

My passion is to help others find transformation in the mind, body, spirit, and soul. I believe in a higher God, cosmic forces, angel guides, and Archangels. As a spiritual facilitator, I will help you understand your capabilities and purpose from higher beings, empower you to live a happier life path, and integrate Spirit on Earth transformation of your body and spirit.

During our sessions, I will use several techniques such as crystal therapy, clairvoyance, journey therapy, tarot/angel cards reading, telepathy, psychometry, pendulum, remote viewing, reiki, and spirit guide channeling. The session format can be live, virtual, or call for 30 mins, 60 mins, or 90 mins with rates of $75, $125, and $175 respectively.

Moreover, I offer cleansing session services for conscious, subconscious, and superconscious negativity. The session format can either be live, virtual, or call, and it lasts for 60 mins with a rate of $200. During the session, we will use a singing bowl, crystals, water, hymilian salt, lavender, and myrrh oil to release any negativity.

I guarantee an accurate session, and if you're not satisfied, you don't pay. My goal is to help you find your life path, be united with your loved ones, and achieve an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Join me on this journey to enlightenment and lighten up your room wherever you go.

Love and Light.

Medium Linda Ray,
Boca Raton, FL.
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Service as described 4.9
Communication 4.9
Punctuality 4.9
Tara is absolutely amazing! My reading was incredibly precise! The revelations she shared with me provided me with a clear understanding of things that were once fuzzy. She possesses a beautiful personality and spirit, and I would enthusiastically endorse her to anyone!
March 26, 2023
I strongly suggest having a reading with Linda. She excels in her craft and is incredibly benevolent. The reading she provided was tailored to my unique circumstances, offering me immense consolation and comprehension on how to proceed. Her proficiency was truly impressive, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to receive a reading from her.
March 23, 2023
Linda was fantastic throughout my reading experience - from start to finish. I appreciated her decision to commence and conclude our session with a prayer. The subject of love, which Linda brought up, caught me off guard. To be candid, I had lost hope in finding love. Interestingly, my mother recommended Linda to me and I felt like she was the only person I could speak to. During the reading, I broke down in tears and my mom wanted to offer me a comforting embrace and some chocolate.
February 13, 2023
I found that the psychic hit the nail on the head in every situation I presented. She explicitly instructed me not to provide details, but merely reply with a yes or no. I recognized at that moment that she could link with me. Although some psychics have deemed me difficult to interpret, I instantly felt a bond with her, and her reading was completely accurate. I am grateful for her services and have finally discovered my lifelong psychic. 🙏
February 12, 2023
Linda was the perfect person for me. I contacted her to find solace, heal and make sound decisions. Though it was my first time seeking a psychic and tarot reading, Linda made me feel comfortable by requesting I not provide any information, which allowed me to fully trust her. My primary concern was my ex-partner with whom I was and still am in love. I was unsure whether to bring him back into my life as my partner or to settle for a platonic or casual relationship. Linda helped me realize that the reason I kept turning him down despite my deep affection was a mental and spiritual blockage that I needed to overcome. We scheduled follow-up sessions for spiritual cleansing and to pave the way for a brighter future while healing my past. Linda is devoted and empathetic, consistently checking on me to ensure I am transitioning towards a path of love and bliss.
July 8, 2022