Morgan’s Piano Lessons

5.0 (6)
From Bothell, WA
SinceSeptember, 2021

My main objective is to ensure that piano lessons are both enjoyable and comprehensible in terms of music theory. As a qualified teacher, I offer classical piano lessons to beginner and intermediate students. I specialize in transfer students, particularly when they have sought a new instructor due to a lack of pleasure in their previous lessons. My extensive experience in pedagogy, dating back to 2013, empowers me to be versatile and adapt my teaching method to diverse scenarios, such as adults, individuals with learning disabilities, ADHD and anxiety. By being creative, understanding, patient, and empathetic, I am able to keep lessons both engaging and pleasurable.
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Service as described 5.0
Communication 5.0
Punctuality 5.0
My daughter really enjoys Morgan's company. She is composed, supportive, tolerant and compassionate. Morgan has excellent interpersonal skills and makes learning an amusing activity for my daughter.
January 12, 2023
Morgan is an exceptional educator who has taken the time to understand my daughter's strengths and weaknesses. Not only does she devise innovative and enjoyable methods to teach her, but she is also reliable and provides valuable feedback. Violet eagerly anticipates every encounter with her beloved teacher.
January 6, 2023
For the past three years, Morgan has been my topnotch piano instructor. I strongly urge any pianist, regardless of whether you play purely for enjoyment or aspire to study at Juilliard, to consider Morgan for lessons. What sets Morgan apart is their ability to deliver a seamless fusion of fundamental routines and personal favorites that ignite my enthusiasm. Morgan's teaching approach has been paramount in refining my piano practices to a world-class standard. Thanks to Morgan's tutelage, I have honed my skills as a pianist without ever losing the innate passion that initially sparked my interest in the instrument.
January 2, 2023
For almost two years, Morgan has been my exceptional teacher. Despite my being an adult learner much older than her, her confidence and poise nullified our age difference immediately. Morgan is highly skilled in piano, yet her approach makes it an enjoyable experience. She is punctual, organized, and always prepared to teach, even accommodating my special requests for learning certain songs. In addition, her mastery over complex theories is remarkable, as she explains them effortlessly. I wholeheartedly endorse Morgan!
January 2, 2023
For over eight years, I have been under Morgan's tutelage and she has proved to be the most exceptional teacher I could ever wish for. Morgan is an excellent combination of being entertaining, compassionate and dedicated to ensuring her students' achievements. She has played a significant role in molding me into the pianist I am today, and I highly endorse her as an ideal instructor for your classes.
January 2, 2023