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Hello there!

I'm a French teacher located in Washington DC, and I offer remote teaching via Skype and Google Meet.

I've been teaching French for a while now, ever since I graduated from L'I.S.I.T (l'Institut Supérieur d'interprétariat et de Traduction) at l'Institut Catholique de Paris, and from the Sorbonne, Paris IV. I'm also a certified bilingual Translator in French/English and English/French.

Before the pandemic hit, I used to teach Beginners and Intermediate Group French classes at some international organizations and non-profits in Washington DC, including the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), CNFA (Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture), the International Budget Partnership, and Georgetown conversation classes with advanced level students. I also had a bunch of individual students of all levels, with some of them being online students even before the pandemic. Currently, due to Covid 19, I'm only teaching online, working with former and new students from all over the United States, as well as a few international countries.

As a teacher, my approach to Beginners and Intermediate level students incorporates four main methods:

1) Insisting on excellent pronunciation and correcting students repeatedly if necessary
2) Emphasizing grammar, learning verbs, applying learned rules, and providing practice exercises
3) Allowing conversation practice in every class, even with Beginners
4) Using an outstanding textbook for structure

Moreover, I design a specially-tailored program for each student based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. I like to encourage confidence in my students and get them speaking French from the very beginning while also grasping concepts quickly.

Lastly, I strive to make the classes a pleasurable experience for my students, and I do my best to accommodate them if they have scheduling conflicts or need to switch classes. My students mean a lot to me, and it's always gratifying to see their continuous progress and positive results. I'm a results-oriented person, and I'll go the extra mile to make sure my students achieve their goals!

Thank you!
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Service as described 4.9
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Punctuality 4.9
With her patience, kindness, and insight, Samina is an exceptional teacher who is able to assist students in gaining greater comfort with the French language and achieving greater fluency.
April 2, 2023
Samina is an outstanding French instructor! Her lessons are filled with infinite knowledge, consideration, and tranquility. Despite having little to no prior experience with French, I feel like I am making valuable headway in each of our sessions. Collaborating with Samina is a delight, and I unequivocally recommend her to anyone seeking to begin studying or enhance their French proficiency!
February 14, 2023
Samina is an exceptional instructor who has infused learning and practicing French with enjoyment and individuality. Her talent for making me feel at ease with my French expertise has been pivotal in fostering my self-assurance over the course of time. My sessions with her authentically feel like a reunion with a dear friend! I strongly suggest Samina.
May 9, 2022
Hello! For approximately two months now, Samina has been instructing me in French. She displays great professionalism and holds a strong desire to see her students thrive. Since I took a French course thirty years ago, it requires a lot of patience to teach a novice like myself! Fortunately, Samina has demonstrated immense patience and provided continuous encouragement. For anyone seriously interested in learning the language, I wholeheartedly recommend Samina. Good luck!
May 6, 2022
Samina has been an excellent educator of French, and her guidance has been invaluable to me up until this point. I eagerly anticipate continuing my studies and expanding my knowledge under her tutelage!
October 19, 2021