5.0 (5)
From San Jose, CA
SinceSeptember, 2021

My focus is on delivering results through diverse workout techniques including boxing, kickboxing, resistance training, speed and agility, quickness, functional exercises, strength and conditioning. A nutritional guide is provided throughout the training regimen, as it is a crucial element in attaining fitness goals.

Furthermore, I offer personalized training to those interested in kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, mitt work, and thai pad work. My proficiency in Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise and Nutrition is certified.

As a personal trainer, I take pleasure in aiding individuals to accomplish their fitness objectives. Observing my clients transform into healthier and stronger individuals both physically and mentally throughout the entire process is incredibly fulfilling.
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Megan M.
Meet Martin Villanueva - your personal trainer extraordinaire! In 2013, I embarked on a mission to shed some pounds and improve my condition. At the time, even a short walk was challenging and I hadn't exercised in 40 long years. Although I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of working out, I knew it was imperative for my health. Enter Martin, who I approached for guidance. With his support, I started off with simple but effective exercises that were tailor-made for my fitness level. He motivated me to stick with it and we introduced cardio and resistance training in a measured manner, so I was challenged but not overwhelmed. Martin truly listens, and repeatedly changed up my workout to keep it interesting. He also provided helpful nutritional advice to complement my fitness regimen. Thanks to his expert guidance, I lost 90 pounds and have maintained my healthy lifestyle for a solid four years - and counting!
October 8, 2022
Nicholas L.
My fondness for personal trainers began with Martin, he is the first one that has truly captivated me! His dexterity and zeal for health and fitness is nothing short of spectacular. With his fun-filled training courses, I have finally triumphed in my years-long battle of shedding off unwanted weight. It was challenging, but definitely worth it! I wholeheartedly commend him with the highest regard!
August 11, 2022
Amanda W.
Martin is an exceptional trainer with extensive knowledge in his field. Throughout the past two years, I have trained with him despite facing challenges such as a slipped disk in my neck, shoulder and foot issues. Martin begins at the level you are and guides you to reach your potential. His workout routines are carefully crafted to provide a full-body workout, build strength, and promote weight loss. Thanks to his guidance, I lost 20 pounds in just two months. He prioritizes long-term changes in our lifestyle over short-term goals. Martin is always punctual, extremely accommodating, and quick to adjust my routine to better suit my limitations. I cannot imagine training with anyone else.
January 22, 2022
Anthony D.
For nearly three months, I've been undergoing training sessions led by Martin and it's been a life-changing experience. My initial motivation was to get in shape prior to my wedding and in the process, I have lost inches while also building muscle mass. This change has left me feeling confident and positively self-aware. My push-up count has sky-rocketed from a mere five to 50, which means that I can proudly claim that I have reached my fitness goals - all thanks to Martin. What's most impressive about Martin is his unwavering support and commitment to pushing you beyond your limits during each session. His promptness and professionalism are exemplary, and his willingness to cater to his clients' specific requirements is commendable. Apart from being an excellent trainer, he is also a good friend and I view him as an integral part of my wellness journey. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Martin for a long time to come.
December 13, 2021
Jessica J.
During the Covid pandemic, Martin proved to be an exceptional trainer. He was reliable and punctual, always ready to start our workouts as soon as he arrived. Not only was he enjoyable to work out with, but he also pushed me to my limits with his challenging, lengthy combinations. If I struggled to keep up, Martin would switch things up. Additionally, he shared valuable tips on technique, pacing, and strategy. Overall, Martin provided some of the most stimulating and effective cardio sessions I have ever experienced.
November 20, 2021